Why You Should Use a Box Mod

Why You Should Use Box Mods

There are a variety of starter kit systems available on the vaping market segment, with many different sizes and shapes, delivering vapor in various outputs. From simple pod systems to complex starter kits, vaping comes in many different forms, but the one we will talk about is the box mod. With interesting features and premium design elements, there is sure to be a suitable box mod for everyone. Let’s go over some reasons why you should use a box mod, covering the many benefits and advantages that they can add to your life.

Box Mods are commonly the 510 threaded box-styled vaping systems that in itself come in many different forms and configurations. Some have integrated batteries, but most are single or dual battery systems, granting the ability to change batteries out when the power runs low. Usually using a dual 18650 battery layout, some are adapted to use 21700 or 20700 batteries for an increased battery reserve and amperage. Usually outputting in various modes, most box mods are equipped for variable wattage, allowing the user to select the desired level of power to use with a 510 threaded tank or rebuildable atomizer.

Versatility is one of the biggest highlights when utilizing a box mod, delivering a high degree of customization within a compact box form. Equipped with a single firing button, some box mods rely on an advanced chipset within to deliver near-instantaneous firing at the user’s leisure. Usually paired with a sub-ohm tank, box mods can also be paired with rebuildable options for more advanced vapers or for those that prefer to twist their own coil configurations. These box mods tend to have more features than other vaping systems, allowing controlled output, customizable screens, and premium design and materials. These box mods are generally more expensive than other devices, but the additional features and construction, respectively reflect the increase in price.  One cool feature about certain box mods is that some are constructed with the ability to squonk, or move eJuice from a reservoir at the bottom directly to a rebuildable atomizer, like the image below.

Another feature of box mods is the ability to replace the batteries when power gets low. Box Mods that utilize integrated batteries must be recharged to be used again, resulting in potentially unwanted downtime. In addition, the integrated battery can eventually be degraded, losing its capacity and output over the course of multiple charges and recharges. Usually utilizing single or dual 18650 batteries would circumvent the issue of degrading internal batteries, as some box mods are outfitted to accept larger 21700 or 20700 batteries and other sets can usually accommodate all three types of battery sizes if used with a battery adapter sleeve. This larger battery reserve gives way to higher wattage outputs, sometimes reaching as high as 300W, but generally falling between 80W-200W depending on the number of batteries. These general features allow users to carry a set of spare batteries to maintain the higher degree of output, while granting long lasting battery life. Although the weight is increased from the use of batteries, it prevents users from having downtime when vaping, facilitating the ability to change out batteries on the fly.

A significant feature of the box mod is its ability to deliver consistent output in various modes that can be adjusted to the user’s liking. Almost all box mods come with variable wattage and variable voltage, an adjustable power output setting that can be tailored to create hotter or colder vapor. However, more advanced features like temperature control and TCR mode, truly set box mods apart from other vaping instruments and types. In temperature control mode, advanced chipsets within monitor the temperature of the wire multiple times within a second to ensure the temperature of the wire does not exceed a set value, guaranteeing the user a consistent vaping temperature. TCR Mode on the other hand is a set value for each type and composition of wire, using the relation between the resistance of each wire type to determine the degree of output and power sent to the coil, to generate satisfying vapor. You can learn more about advanced vaping modes in our helpful tutorial: Guide To Advanced Vaping Modes.

The final feature of many box mods is the higher degree of construction and premium materials. The features listed here, alone, clearly justify the higher pricing of the box mods. Some brands like Geek Vape or YiHi, utilize advanced construction techniques and premium materials that help set their brands apart from regular box mods. Geek Vape’s rugged Aegis line of products (Aegis Legend, Aegis X, and Aegis Solo) brings to the table an IP67 construction rating that allows their vapes to remain functional even after being fully submerged in water, preventing intrusion of dust or moisture, and is even rated against shock from drops and falls. You can learn more about these protection ratings in our IP Ratings Explained blog post. Another brand, YiHi, is known for their high quality box mods and chipsets. Bringing to the vaping market segment products like the G Class, SL Class, and T Class devices, all of which feature great construction processes and detailing that is unrivaled, like their Electronic Spray System, an automatic squonking process that can be found of the X Class Box Mod, pioneered by YiHi. You can check out our In-Depth Guide to Squonking for more information.

If you have any questions about box mods or any of the products listed above, please feel free to contact our awesome customer service team.

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