What is a SBS Mod? (Side-By-Side)

With the vape industry producing many types of starter kits, box mods, and pod systems, vapes take on nearly any shape or size imaginable. One slightly different form-factor that has been gaining renewed interest is the SBS kits or Side-By-Side kits. Although SBS kits have been around for a long time, there seems to be a resurgence by both consumers and manufacturers around the Side-By-Side style vaping starter kits and box mods. In today’s blog, we will cover what a SBS Kit entails and why they are gaining popularity in the vaping market segment. In addition, we will cover the latest SBS Kits and explain or show what features they offer.

Side By Side Kits and Mods have been around for a while, but higher power box mods and starter kits have pushed them out of the vaping spotlight. However, with the movement towards smaller, more compact vaping kits, SBS have reemerged as a viable option. Although box mod kits offer plenty of power and battery life, thanks to the dual battery layout this has increased the weight and affected the portability of the vaping device. SBS mods are powered by a single 18650, 20700, or 21700 battery, making them much smaller and discreet than some of the larger box mods. Offering a perfect middle ground between box mod kits and pod systems, SBS devices deliver the increased power of box mods and starter kits but with greater output than simple pod systems. Another great reason for Side-By-Side Kits are their ability to pair with rebuildable atomizer options, something pod systems do not commonly offer. One drawback on SBS mods is the limiting diameter for atomizers due to the layout and configuration of the chassis.

The Dovpo College 60W SBS Box Mod is a great side-by-side box mod, created in collaboration with Deer Vape. With a highly advanced chipset at the helm, DOVPO calls upon the Evolv DNA60 Chipset. Evolv’s DNA Chips are some of the most advanced and accurate available on the market, check out our blog post regarding DNA Chipsets. With a full range of temperature control features, this is a prime example of a SBS-type mod that will pair extremely well with rebuildable atomizer options, especially in the hands of an experienced builder.

Another SBS option, the Aspire MIXX 60W Box Mod is a visually striking functional work of art, created in collaboration with Italian vape designer, Sunbox. Constructed with a convertible battery housing, the Aspire MIXX Box Mod can be used with a 18650 or 18350 battery to deliver delicious vapor from your favorite eJuice, in a compact form-factor. One drawback of the Aspire MIXX Box Mod is that it does not offer temperature control, but as part of Aspire’s Prestige line, this box mod is a well-designed and visually appealing box mod.

With solid offerings on the vaping market segment, Digiflavor comes in with a great entry themselves, the Digiflavor Z1 SBS 80W Kit. With a higher wattage output than the previous two options, the Digiflavor Z1 SBS Kit can output up to 80W with ease. Although the Z1 SBS Kit does not provide a temperature control suite, it does offer three firing modes of variable wattage and voltage, and a nifty bypass mode for those that love the firing style of older mechanical mods with an added degree of safety. Formed from zinc-alloy and either stabilized wood or mother-of-pearl iridescent panels, these two materials come together to create a delightfully stylish side-by-side mod.

The Mechlyfe Paramour SBS 80W Box Mod is, in my opinion, the pinnacle of the Side By Side mods, offering a 80W wattage ceiling and delivers the highly-sought after temperature control suite. Constructed in a no-nonsense manner, the Paramour SBS is very functional and minimalist, offering a straightforward design with a visually striking color scheme. Made in collaboration with Mr. JustRight1, this stainless steel mod is well-crafted and performs perfectly with any sub-ohm tank or rebuildable atomizer.

In retrospect, we can see why side-by-side mods and kits are growing in popularity. With the portability of pod mods and the technical features of a box mod kit, these side-by-side offerings are meeting a want and need from many vapers. With the increased portability, gone are the days of heavy starter kits, especially for vapers that keep their device in a pocket or purse. With capabilities like temperature control or variable wattage, side-by-side mods are perfect for both beginners and advanced vapers alike. The solid construction and designs make them ideal choices for those that love the portable aspect, but more importantly, these SBS mods take up less real estate on the desk or within the collection space than your conventional box mod vape.

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