What is a Pod Mod System?

Pod Mod Systems have been all the craze as of late, garnering plenty of popularity in the vaping market segment. But to the uninitiated and those that have been out of the vaping circles recently may not know what a pod mod system is, so we’ve decided to create a post that explains and highlights the amazing benefits of a pod mod system. Whether you use a portable pod system or prefer the large output of a box mod or starter kit, you can surely find a use for a pod mod system in your collection or daily repertoire. We’ve covered the best Pod Systems of 2020, that also happens to include some pod mod kits as well.

Pod Mod Systems are fairly recent additions to the vaping market segment, bridging the distance between the diminutive size of pod systems and the performance of box mods. Filling a niche that is left unanswered by both types of systems, pod mods are more portable than a box mod kit, but are packed with more features than a simple pod system. Usually edging towards the size of a large pod system, pod mod systems retain the basic features of a pod system with a refillable pod, but is equipped with a multitude of firing modes and settings that can be used in conjunction with a 510 adapter to accommodate a sub-ohm tank or rebuildable atomizer. 

Pod Mods are gaining steam, as more manufacturers are developing, refining, and introducing new technology into their creations. One prime example that I’ve kept my eye on is the Voopoo Drag MAX. With the ability to reach 177W of output, I am currently waiting for Voopoo to introduce a 510 adapter to pair it with a rebuildable atomizer to make full use of the high wattage ceiling. As pod mods are further developed and refined, we can expect to see more features being added in, like how some examples are including temperature control, settings memories, and other features. The competitive nature between the major manufacturers means they will have to innovate to separate us from our hard-earned dollars with better features, construction, or an amazing wow-factor.

Some pod mod kits that are exceptional at this time of writing, are the OXVA Velocity and the Lost Vape URSA actually come with the 510 adapter included in the purchase, making them great kits for the beginner as they allow for sampling between the types of vape, granting a variety of vaping styles that a novice can try to find the one that works best for them. Advanced vapers will love the inclusive kit as well, as it will help eliminate the need for so many different devices to satisfy their vaping style wants. These full kits are satisfying and reduce the necessity of finding the appropriate 510 connection adapter or other accessories when you want to vape on a rebuildable atomizer or sub-ohm tank.

We hope this blog post has given you a clear understanding of what a pod mod system is and the benefits it can eschew to your vaping journey. Although I started with box mod kits and they will always have a place in my collection and heart, I do not miss the weight and size of a dual battery box mod weighing down my jacket or pants pocket. The weirdly large bulge and accidental auto-firing was troublesome and burnt many good coils, so I am eternally grateful for the transition to smaller devices that maintain the same level of output. Feel free to check out our website and blog for the latest news and products introduced by the major manufacturers. In addition, if you have any questions, please reach out to our delightful customer service team for support and they will gladly help you out.

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