VOOPOO PnP Coil Series Guide

Ever since the first replaceable coil came out in the vaping industry, it changed a lot of things within the vaping community. From saving time to making vaping more travel friendly, the benefits were endless. First of all, it made vaping much more accessible and open to newcomers. Instead of fastidiously learning about Ohm’s law and how to build a safe coil, we had near immediate access to vaping. No longer did we need to spend precious time creating coils, testing them, and installing them, but instead we were offered a consistent coil style that we wanted that could be simply threaded in or press fitted to begin delivering our favorite flavor in vapor form. This gave birth to a slew of coils and coil series from some of your favorite brands like the various SMOK Coil Lines for the TFV Series, the legendary FreeMaX Coil Series, and the VOOPOO PnP Coils.

VOOPOO’s PnP Coil Series stands for Plug ‘n’ Play, a term describing the press-fit nature of installing their coils, eliminating the threaded connection that so many other coils use. This slight change made installing these prebuilt coils much easier, preventing accidental misthreads that could cause leaking issues or a poor connection. Instead, these PnP Coils relied on a press-fit connection sealed by a silicone o-ring to make installation and removal of these coils easy.

VOOPOOs PnP Coil Series is pretty comprehensive and they are still adding new options with the development of new kits and tanks. Offering up 13 prebuilt coil options and a single rebuildable coil option at the time of writing, the PnP Coil Series is sure to have a coil or two for each type of user available or in the near future. With the broad range of functions that VOOPOO has covered, the PnP Coil Series is all encompassing of the various vaping styles, materials, and coil configurations in the vaping industry. Whether you like MTL or DTL, mesh or multi-wrapped coil options, the PnP Coil Series is sure to have an option for you as the coil options grow.

With a slew of coil options, resistances, and types available, the PnP coils can easily confuse the user, but one safe consideration is that buying the type that is included in the original package from VOOPOO is a surefire way to ensure the coils will be compatible with your device. However, for those that pay a little more attention to detail, coils from the PnP Coil Series will work with your device under two conditions, the first being that the device must accept PnP Coils and secondly, the coil’s resistance must fall within the device’s acceptable resistance range. With this newfound knowledge in mind, feel free to try out all compatible PnP coils to find the ideal coil that works with your device best.

If you have any questions on the compatibility of the VOOPOO PnP Coil Series, please contact our excellent customer service team for more information and guidance. Feel free to check out our website and blog for more information in regards to anything vape-related, as well as, our extensive product offerings available.

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