Ultra High-Wattage Starter Kits & Box Mods (250W+)

Niches are found in every type of art, craft, and hobby. Just like there are artists that paint in different styles and mediums, vaping has its fair share of niches. Vaping is a fairly broad umbrella term for our collective family that others might see from the outside as one and the same. With many different types and styles of vaping, there are a fair amount of niches that reveal themselves when you take a deeper look into vaping. From flavor chasers to cloud kickers, there are a myriad of ways to enjoy eJuice like mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung vaping. Ask any seasoned vaper and they can tell you there are big differences from those that build complex coils versus the person who simply likes disposable vapes. Neither is better than the other, as they both have their own pros and cons that are suitable to the individual vaper.

One interesting niche in vaping is the ultra high wattage vapes that can deliver over 250W. Most vapers will never need anything over 250W, but some vapers that love to chase clouds and have the intimate knowledge of coil building can occasionally find themselves looking for a high-wattage vaping device. With larger and exotic coil builds, these coils tend to be low resistance and need much more power or wattage to ramp up the heating element to create delicious plumes of vapor from the coils. With many box mods or starter kits capping their wattage anywhere from 80W-220W, finding an ultra high wattage device can be tough. Let us do the hard work in finding the best high wattage devices and the features that come with them to see if any of these will be a suitable device in your pursuit for cloud chasing.

First and foremost, utilizing the ultra-high wattage output of these devices requires an intimate knowledge of Ohm’s law, resistances, and battery amperage to safely use these devices. Beginner vapers should steer clear or take the time to be familiar with this information for safety of the user and device.

The first ultra-high wattage vape is the Steam Crave Hadron PRO Box Mod or Starter Kit. Equipped with Evolv’s DNA250C Chipset, the Steam Crave Hadron PRO utilizes a specialized removable and rechargeable battery pack with four 1600mAh batteries in series to deliver up to 400W. (Learn more about Evolv’s DNA Chipsets.) Outfitted with a temperature control suite, the DNA250C Chipset is one of the most accurate chipsets available on the market. In addition, the chipset from Evolv allows for a Replay mode, allowing users to save settings when they find the perfect vape for them, using the remembered details and settings to output the perfect vape every single time. If purchased as the starter kit variant, the Hadron Pro is paired with the RAGNAR RDTA, offering a 18mL juice capacity that can be upgraded to 25mL with the changing of the chimney. With a postless build deck with four terminals, the build deck allows for a single or dual coil configuration of massive or exotic coil builds that work perfectly with the lofty wattage and voltage output made possible with the 4S Li-Po battery pack. The Hadron Pro is great for the advanced builder that wants an uncluttered build deck for an unparalleled range of creative freedom when building massive or exotic coil configurations.

The next ultra-high wattage device is the Vaperz Cloud Hammer of God DNA400 Box Mod. Hailing from the UK, Vaperz Cloud has created a monster of a box mod with the intelligent brains of Evolv’s DNA250C chipset. Offering up to 400W of unadulterated power, the Hammer of God accepts four high-amp 18650 batteries to deliver excellent power to the atomizer to fire larger coil builds to produce incredible amounts of vapor. With a DNA250C Chip, the Hammer of God is a massive box mod vape that can accommodate atomizers up to 44mm with no overhang. The Hammer of God Box Mod has temperature control options that work perfectly with stainless steel, nickel, or titanium wires, detecting and maintaining temperature accurately, allowing advanced users to carefully tailor the vapor output for precise enjoyment. Perfect for pairing with the Vaperz Cloud Valhalla V2 40mm RDA, these two vaping items are a match made in heaven, with the Hammer of God deploying plenty of power to fire the Valhalla V2 RDA, no matter how massive the coils are installed in the rebuildable dripping atomizer.

The final high-wattage vape is the Steam Crave Titan PMW 300W Box Mod. Another Steam Crave product, many of their creations are perfect for those that love powerful rebuildable atomizers and box mods that can work in combination to produce massive clouds of vapor, and the Titan PMW Box Mod is no different. Constructed from durable zinc-alloy, the chassis of the Titan PMW Mod is strong and sleek, offering a minimalist design that can accommodate up to four high-amp 18650 batteries. With the option to operate on only two or four batteries, the Steam Crave Titan delivers power output in a variable voltage fashion. With plenty of protections to safeguard the user, the Steam Crave Titan should be used by only those that have intimate knowledge of Ohm’s law to safely utilize the powerful output of the Titan Box Mod with any rebuildable atomizer.

We hope this guide has been helpful in finding a powerful ultra high wattage starter kit or box mod for all your cloud chasing needs. With plenty of features and luxurious vaping implements, these box mods are the ideal pairings for those that love massive coils and even larger rebuildable atomizers. Many of these options can be dangerous if used by beginner or intermediate vapers without sufficient knowledge of Ohm’s law and electrical output. Please feel free to contact our customer service team for more information or if you have any questions. Browse our website, Elementvape.com for our huge selection of products and E-Liquids. Read up on our blog for a wealth of information on the latest products, guides, and other helpful tutorials.

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