Types of Vape Pens

Vape Pens have a solid place on the vaping timeline and occasionally make a resurgence based on the trends within the vaping industry. Beginning as an incredibly basic form of vaping, they have found a niche in the vape industry as reliable workhorse vapes or for those that prefer to avoid all the newer technology and complex features. Usually, vape pen denotes a pen shaped vape, these devices have branched out to include more features and designs, while maintaining the pen-shaped style many of us have been accustomed to. Some have integrated batteries, like the Joyetech eRoll MAC, while others have external batteries that can be recharged, like the Eleaf iJust Series. These all are classified as Vape Pens, although some would say its a rather fat pen, however they are still vape pens. With all these new features, let’s see why such an ancient style of vape is still being used today and the niche it helps fill within the winding progression of the vaping industry.

There are many types of vape pen systems. Since the advent of vaping, vape pens were one of the first devices available. Offering basic features like a single button mounted on an integrated battery, these vape pens had little to no output adjustment abilities, simply delivering power in a single voltage or wattage, usually based on the remaining charge of the internal battery. Although they had the most resemblance to a pen, devices like the eGo Series or Kanger EVOD are incredibly basic and output a limited amount of vapor. Maintaining an integrated battery and 510 threading that paired with mainly cartomizers, these dated devices pale in comparison to the devices on the market segment today, but offered a much-needed alternative to “analog vaping”.

Another style of vape pen offered would be the all-in-one vape pen systems. Great for beginners, these vape pens are still in use today and are solid choices as a backup vape for many users. These vape pens usually offer some type of airflow adjustment and potentially wattage or voltage adjustment, but usually only feature a fire button. Some examples of these devices would be the SMOK Nord AIO or Aspire PockeX. Many options like the previously mentioned will usually use a dedicated non-removable tank to deliver vapor, but tend to utilize replaceable coils to minimize the amount of hardware needed to maintain a fresh vape. This eliminates much of the usual things that are needed when vaping, reducing the amount down to the actual device itself, a charging cable, and replacement coils. This simplified vape pen layout is reliable and cost effective, making them great choices for those that are unsure about vaping, but would like to take a hand at it.

Moving on to more advanced options in the vape pen category would be those with removable batteries, dedicated chipsets, and 510 connected tanks. These types of vape pens are the bridge between the all-in-one options and box mods offered on today’s vaping market segment. Examples of these advanced vape pens would be the Uwell Nunchaku, Innokin ZLIDE MTL Kit, or Freemax Twister Starter Kit. These options have high capacity integrated batteries or use external single 18650, 20700, or 21700 batteries to deliver adequate power to the sub-ohm tanks or RDAs attached via threaded 510 connection. Many feature freely adjustable wattage or voltage outputs, and offer a screen on the chassis to allow the user a visual aid in determining the output, remaining battery life, and occasionally mode options, like temperature control. These devices are great beginner to intermediate users that want to venture a little deeper into the vaping world, granting them the ability to try out more advanced functions and features.

Furthermore, vape pens can span outside of the usual sub-ohm options. With the introduction of pod systems, any device that is shaped like a pen technically counts as a vape pen, with some notable devices like the Uwell Caliburn or SMOK NFIX that excel in this category. The discrete functionality doesn’t come anywhere near the weight or output of a current modern vape pen, but these pod system vape pens do embody the portability and discretion of the dated vape pens while excelling in the delivery of flavor. Requiring only replacement pods or coils and a charging cable, vape pen style pod systems are popular and only gaining more momentum when paired with nicotine salts as they are easily stowed in the pocket, purse, or backpack, while offering superior nicotine delivery.

Vape pens gave birth to much of what we see in the vaping. Although vape pens are one of the more classic forms of vaping, they are far from outdated. With the implementation of new technologies and features, vape pens are very much still a highly-loved form factor in the vaping community. If you have any questions regarding vape pens, please feel free to contact our super-helpful customer service team. Check out our blog and website for more information on anything and everything vape-related.

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