Types of Alternative Vaporizers

Alternative Vaporizers are used to vaporize waxes, dry herbs, or concentrates, without the use of combustion, to generate vapor for aromatherapy. With the endless types, shapes, and forms, the selection available on the market segment can be daunting. However, in this blog, we would like to provide some insight and instruction on what the many different kinds of vaporizers can offer. From desktop vaporizers to handheld portable vaporizers, the options are endless for vaporizing aromatic dry herbs, concentrates, and cartridges.

Dry Herb Vaporizers generate heat or heated air to draw out the compounds within dry herbs for consumption without combustion. If combustion happens, it becomes smoking, which is not the intended purpose of a vaporizer. Dry herbs can be heated in two manners, conduction or convection, and are similar, but different. Conduction heating is where the dry herb material is heated directly below the point of combustion, releasing smooth vapor. Convection heating is a form of heating that utilizes hot air to evenly heat the dry herb material for consumption and is usually the preferred method for those that are looking to use vaporizers. One great example of conduction heating in a dry herb vaporizer is the Dotmod dotLeaf Vaporizer. Utilizing a ceramic oven-like heating element, the material is heated directly and the user simply inhales any vapor that is produced. An example of convection heating is the famed Volcano Vaporizers from Storz & Bickel, that push heated air past the material to indirectly heat and produce vapor for consumption. 

Wax or Concentrate Vaporizers are used for wet concentrated materials, heating them up via direct contact with the heating element to produce vapor for inhalation. These vaporizers heat up the waxy materials to a vaporization point that makes for one of the cleanest and purest methods for users of vaporizers. One thing to take into consideration is that concentrated materials are much stronger than their dry herb counterparts, and caution must be taken into account when utilizing concentrates. 

Portable 510 Threaded Vaporizers are built to accept 510 threaded cartridges, usually filled with a concentrated oil. Usually taking on a compact form factor, these vaporizers act as batteries to power the heating element within the cartridges to deliver satisfying vapor from the filled concentrates. Some come with refillable cartridges that can be used for oils, while others simply come with a magnetic 510 connection ring to affix to prefilled cartridges. Equipped with three to five different power levels, the power output is adjustable for a lighter heating to a more stronger heating mode. Some vaporizers include a preheating function that allows for usage in colder weather where the coil or concentrate within will need a little longer to properly vaporize. The portable nature of these vaporizers mean they take up little space and can be used when traveling or on-the-go with a high degree of discretion. A prime example of a portable 510 threaded vaporizer is the Yocan UNI Vaporizer Mod, and its newer variants, like the UNI Pro and UNI S Vaporizer Mods, an excellent series of adjustable vaporizers that can take on different sized cartridges.

Just like the name implies, desktop vaporizers are not exactly portable. They are much larger than most vaporizers and tend to use a whip or bag to capture and deliver the vapor produced from the loaded material. In addition, desktop vaporizers usually require a plug or outlet to function, due to the higher power consumption to function. Normally used with dried herbs, desktop vaporizers have grown to be compatible with concentrates and waxes. To figure out if a desktop vaporizer is compatible with concentrates, wax, or oils, look for a stainless steel or cotton mesh pad. These additions are usually meant for soaking and holding concentrates for vaporization. One cool feature of desktop vaporizers is that there is a lot more flexibility in controlling the output temperature for a refined and tailored vaping experience.

We hope that with this brief introduction to the types of vaporizers, you can find the selection that works best for your aromatherapy needs. With tons of options available, you can find one that is optimized for the dry herb medium of your choosing. Please feel free to contact our customer service team for more information and to field any potential questions you may have. In addition, please check out our blog and website for all things vape-related and our large selection of product offerings.

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