Starter Kit Vape Battery Configurations

Starter Kit Vape Battery Configurations

Starter Kits are useful for delving into the world of vaping, but the name in itself is a little misleading. One would think that starter kits can function out of the box. However, many starter kits do not come with batteries, an essential item for vaping, and can be misleading to the uninitiated or newcomers. Unless your vape utilizes an integrated battery, many starter kits and pod systems that require external batteries simply do not include them for a variety of reasons. Batteries must be purchased separately and may need to be purchased as a single, pair, or trio, depending on the type and style of mod or pod system they will be used in. 

Let’s take a look at the many types of starter kits and pod systems and find out the number of batteries needed. We will examine the benefits and drawbacks to the battery configurations, hopefully aiding you in selecting the right type of starter kit or pod systems that matches your lifestyle and needs.

Integrated Battery System

Integrated batteries offer a simplified user experience. Incorporating the battery into the chassis, this prevents the user from losing or switching out batteries when the device runs out. These benefits to portability allow the user to simply utilize a MicroUSB cable for recharges, eliminating the need to carry around spare batteries or a dedicated battery charger. The downside to integrated batteries used in starter kits is that eventually, through prolonged usage, the battery capacity and life begins to deteriorate, leaving the owner no choice but to upgrade or deal with the shortening lifespan of the integrated battery.

Single Battery

Single Batteries are generally found in pod systems and stick-style starter kits. Single Battery Systems are incredibly portable and offer many benefits that cannot be said about integrated batteries, like the ability to change out the battery. Single Battery Systems tend to fire on the lower end of the wattage range as it is limited by the single battery and can generally last throughout the day when set to conservative vaping outputs. One drawback of single battery systems is that they cannot go higher than 90-100W, and the battery cells should be charged within a dedicated charger, like the Nitecore i2 Intellicharger. This forces the user to either bring around a charger or a spare charged battery. Spare batteries should be kept within a non-metallic carrying case. Check out our Guide on Battery Care & Maintenance to find out more. Single Battery Systems maintain a lightweight profile and low cost, but the weight and cost can easily add up if a charger or additional spare batteries are accounted for.

Dual Battery Systems

Dual Batteries are generally found in box mod systems. Box mods tend to utilize more power with considerably higher output than pod systems. With many dual battery box mods easily surpassing 150W, the need for two batteries is clear in maintaining a sub-ohm system. Dual battery box mods tend to weigh more than integrated or single battery systems and cannot be optimally charged via MicroUSB port due to the higher capacity of the batteries. This forces the user to either carry an extra set of charged batteries and rely on dedicated battery charging paraphernalia. Batteries used in a dual setting should be “married” or used in the same capacity for their entire lifetimes. Users should ensure they are from the same brand with the same capacities and specifications. This allows the pair of batteries to be drained, recharged, and stressed in the same manner to prolong the lifespan of the battery.

Triple Battery Systems

Triple Batteries are exclusively found in box mods and have many of the same characteristics of dual battery systems. Including an extra battery allows many of these mods to achieve extremely high wattages, with some reaching 300W easily. Triple Battery mod users should also marry their batteries to ensure that one battery is not shouldering most of the load. Triple battery mods tend to be higher in price, but offer large power capacities as the battery power is tripled. This makes powering a triple battery mod more expensive as they need three batteries to operate and the trio of batteries is essentially dedicated for use in this or any other 3-battery mod. Charging of triple battery configurations should not occur through the MicroUSB Port as it would likely take a prolonged time for charging and should be relegated to an external charger for the best results.

We hope that this guide has been helpful and informative in figuring out the best battery implementations when picking out a starter kit or pod system. With the various options available for such a wide range of products, selecting one can be difficult. Feel free to reach out to our excellent customer service team if you have any questions. Check out our site and blog at for more information and all things vape-related.

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