Squonking – An In-Depth Guide

An In-Depth Guide to Squonking

Squonking is a relatively advanced term, technique, and style of device to many vapers that are used to sub-ohm tanks and replacement coils. Sub-ohm tanks held reserves of eJuice, sometimes up to 5mL or more, making dry hits far and infrequent. But before the introduction of sub-ohm tanks or RTAs, or rebuildable tank atomizers, many vapers had to rely on RDAs which needed a constant dripping of fresh eJuice to keep the wicking material wet and ready for vaping. Dripping was highly inconvenient before the advent of squonking as vaping was done in the car, or while talking to friends, making some users forget the need to drip and rewick the wicking material, resulting in a dry hit. (Don’t drip and drive folks.) Anyone who religiously uses an RDA can tell you those dry hits are extremely unpleasant and sometimes painful.

Squonk Devices

Squonk Devices are usually single 18650 battery mods, like the Geek Vape Aegis Squonk or Vandy Vape Pulse BF Box Mod, leaving room for a silicone squonk bottle. Generally featuring a larger cut-out in the chassis to manipulate the squonk bottle, these devices operate with a pliable squeeze bottle to push eJuice through a dedicated tube to wet the wicking material in the RDA, while creating a vacuum effect to eliminate any excess eJuice, resulting in no wasted eJuice or flooding. Other options like the Uwell BLOCKS Box Mod or Smoant Battlestar Squonk Kit that relies on a button to pump the eJuice up in smaller increments and have no cut-outs to manipulate the internal reservoir. Furthermore, there are advanced options like the YiHi X Class Box Mod with automatic squonking and even in pod system form like the YiHi SXAuto Pod System that are outfitted with an electronic pump spray system. These technological advances in vaping make it even more convenient and appealing to those that love to build and tinker with their vapes, fine tuning them to their individual preferences that cannot be matched with sub-ohm tanks.

Many squonking combinations utilize a bottom fed RDA, with a hollow 510 connection pin to provide the eJuice from a storage reservoir that operates with a silicone squeeze bottle or a dedicated pump to move the eJuice from the reservoir up to the RDA for vaporization, squonking has really revived the usage of RDAs. Using a bottom fed rebuildable dripping atomizer, squonk mods and devices eliminate the need to constantly drip fresh eJuice onto the installed coil and wicking material to prevent dry hits, instead providing fresh eJuice with a simple press of the pliable squonk bottle or button to activate the squonking pump.

To begin squonking, you will need a squonk-compatible box mod, as many general box mods are not geared to accept an internal reservoir or push eJuice through the 510 connection. In addition, it will need to be paired with a squonkable bottom fed RDA that possesses a hollow 510 pin option allowing the eJuice to wet the wicking material within the rebuildable dripping atomizer. Just fill your favorite eJuice and watch how it can benefit your vape game. If you have any questions about squonking, feel free to reach out to our helpful customer service team for more information. Please check out our website and blog posts for a full range of vape products and all things vape-related.

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