SMOK RPM Coil Series Guide

SMOK has been a trailblazer in the vaping industry, delivering a slew of products and vape mods, encompassing all facets like pod systems, starter kits, and coils. As their motto says, “Innovation Keeps Changing the Vaping Experience”, this lies true in their product releases, especially with the SMOK RPM Coil Series. Delivering a solid line of coil options that can rival the Voopoo PnP Coil Series, SMOK has come out with a healthy amount of vaping options that meet the criteria for many vapers, including MTL, DTL, RBA, and mesh options to help complement and further the vaping industry. These easy-to-install press-fit coils offer a great deal of versatility and eliminate the need for other pod systems or box mod kits entirely, bundling the entire vaping experience into a single system and supporting coil line, while offering compatiblity with both nicotine salts and regular vape juice.

SMOK’s RPM Series stands for Real Pod Mod, a type of vaping system that bridges the gap between pod systems and box mods, allowing the taste of the full vaping experience in a single item for the beginner or advanced user looking for more portable options. You can find out more about the types of pod systems and pod mods in another blog post. These coil options have done just that, expanding the options that are available to users with an RPM Series device, Mag Pod Kit, Alike Kit, Pozz X, SCAR P3/5, Fetch Mini, Nord 2, Nord X, and Fetch Pro. SMOK’s full line of RPM Coils are compatible with a slew of their recent releases and can be used on certain pods if noted or listed. SMOK does not just offer the RPM Coil Series, but is expanding the RPM line of coils with offshoots like the RPM 2 Coil Series, RPM RGC Coil Series, and other additions that encompass even more of their product offerings.

The entire list of RPM Coils and the associated products can be a bit confusing, but reading is key. Many times, a pod mod system will come with two different types of pods, each compatible with a different type of coil series. For example, the Nord X comes with the RPM Pod and RPM 2 Pod, offering unique compatibility with each coil series. This increases the options that are available for that particular product and allows the user to find the ideal coil selection for themselves, catering to any and all vapers. If confusion persists and you cannot determine what coil to buy or try, it’s always a safe bet to check the listing of your device or the user manual within to find out it’s compatibility with other coil options.

We hope this tutorial guide on the SMOK RPM Coil Series has provided a comprehensive explanation on the offerings by SMOK. Please feel free to check out the video above for all the offerings of the RPM Coil Series and some of the offshoots of the RPM Series. There are a ton of coil options available with coils catering to all types of vapers. Take a look at our blog and website for all things vape-related, as well as, our comprehensive offerings of vape products from your favorite manufacturers. In addition, if you still have questions, please feel free to contact our helpful customer service team and they can provide information or guidance on helping you make a selection.

RPM Coil Series – Compatibility
RPM40 Pod Mod
RPM 80
RPM 2 
RPM Lite
Mag Pod Kit
Alike Kit
Pozz X Kit
Scar P3
Scar P5
Fetch Mini
Nord 2
Nord X

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