SMOK Nord Coil Series Guide

Pod Systems took the vaping industry by storm, but pod systems were a dime a dozen, with manufacturers inundating the market with a slew of pods and proprietary coils, making them very hit or miss. If a pod system looked nice, it probably had subpar coil support, and vice versa. However, manufacturers began dedicating more effort into creating a dependable coil series, offering plenty of coil options that would support future pod systems as well as their current offerings. With the advent of many different quality coil series for pod and pod mod systems, we must pay tribute to one of the first legendary lines of coils within the vaping community. Before the SMOK RPM and the VOOPOO PnP Coil Series, there was the Nord Coil Series created by SMOK, designed specifically for the Nord Pod System. This pod system delivered great flavor with vapor output to match, offering DL and MTL options that would set the bar for any coil series that would come after.

The SMOK Nord Coil Series initially offered a 0.6ohm Mesh Coil and 1.4ohm MTL Coil to cater to both camps of the MTL vs DL debate. Generating both plentiful output and intense flavor production, as well as usage in a quality vaping device, certainly helped propel the Nord Coil Series to its current status. After releasing, SMOK introduced a few more coil options, adding a 0.6ohm Dual Coil to increase vapor production and lower resistance MTL coils that would help bridge the gap between the MTL and DL vapers, satisfying all types of vapers and vape styles. Launched in 2018, the Nord Coil Series can still be found in use in many of SMOK’s newest releases with pods designed to specifically support Nord Coils.

Although there are plenty of coils in the Nord Coil Series, they are fairly straightforward and use the same resistance options amongst the offerings. Installed in a press-fit manner, these coils are a breeze to change, making them easy to use and is partly why they are a hit amongst vapers out there. Be sure when utilizing the Nord Coils within the SMOK product line that the device used is compatible with the coil series, usually requiring a specialized pod that accommodates coils from the Nord Coil Series. The same wattage can usually be used for the same resistances, but there are certain coils that may use a different recommended wattage output level. This can be discerned on the coil itself, with a recommended wattage range listed on the outside of the coil.

We hope this blog post has been informative and has helped shed light on a quality vape coil series. With all the new additions to the vaping industry, sometimes it can be difficult to find a dependable vaping system with quality coil support. If you have any problems with finding a suitable option, please feel free to contact our excellent customer service team. Be sure to check out our website and blog to stay up to date with all the latest vape-related information and products available.

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