Product Spotlight: Wirice x Hellvape Launcher Sub-Ohm Tank

Sub-Ohm Tanks are one of the best and convenient creations introduced in the vaping industry. They offer convenience and help those that are new get accustomed to vaping without learning the nuances of building. However, with the advancements in sub-ohm vaping sometimes the features from all the released tanks can get a little repetitive with the same features being implemented across tanks of a different name and manufacturer. Larger tank capacities, mesh coil implementation, and dual slotted bottom airflow control rings are somethings that come to mind. This is understandable, however, as reinventing the wheel is an unnecessary task. With the introduction of the Wirice x Hellvape Launcher Sub-Ohm Tank, some of the features included in the Launcher Sub-Ohm are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnating section of the vaping industry. Although many of the features on the Wirice x Hellvape Launcher are rinse and repeat of sub-ohm tanks currently out, the Launcher Sub-Ohm Tank implements some features that make this a highly desired sub-ohm tank.

Created in collaboration with Hellvape’s fan base, Wirice is Hellvape’s brother brand, polling and drawing inspiration from feedback on the question, “What features are you looking for in a sub-ohm tank?”. After gathering the information, Wirice set out on creating and crafting a sub-ohm tank that would hit all the perceived marks. Crafted from superior stainless steel, the chassis of the Launcher Tank is very straightforward and optimized for functionality. Adopting the traditional construction of the many sub-ohm tanks, Wirice added extensive knurling on the threaded top fill cap to help facilitate refills through the dual slotted top fill ports, with two ports to prevent pressure build up within. The chimney underneath the wide bore delrin drip tip is also knurled, a slight hint to the innovation introduced by Wirice and Hellvape.

Unthreading the knurled central chimney and mouthpiece combination will reveal the coil installation point. Featuring a spring-loaded chamber, the juice wicking ports within the tank’s center will shut, blocking off any eJuice from leaking out the chimney tube. The coil underneath the chimney, operating off a drop in system, allowing coil changes to be remarkably easy and clean. When replaced with a fresh coil and rethreaded, the spring loaded contact keeps the connection strong and in place, while unblocking the juice wicking port blocks, allowing the eJuice to reach and wick the new coil. This innovative loading system keeps the hands clean, even with a full tank of eJuice.

Wirice and Hellvape doesn’t stop there with an innovative tank, as what would a great tank be without great coils. Offered with the Launcher Sub-Ohm Tank is the W8 Mesh Coil Series, opting between a 0.15ohm W801 Mesh Coil and 0.21ohm W802 Mesh Coil for unlocking the best flavor from your favorite eJuice, both coils produce an unrivaled quality of vapor that will satisfy both cloud and flavor chasers. Outfitted with the drop-in coil loading system, the Launcher Sub-Ohm Tank is a welcome addition to the vaping industry that will hopefully pave the way for more innovation that will lead to groundbreaking introductions, propelling the industry forward.

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