Product Spotlight: SMOK SCAR Series

SMOK’s motto, Innovation Keeps Changing the Vaping Experience, is a definite truth in the vaping industry. When any company comes out with a new innovative product, the highlights of that particular product is integrated in subtle ways to new products, extending the advancements to the user, ultimately changing our vaping experience. This includes different companies’ products across the board. However, this may be seen as copying or stealing ideas to some vapers, but if you vape, chances are these benefits have trickled down to the vape you are using, further driving innovation for a better product that ultimately ends up in our hands. The SMOK SCAR Lineage is no different. Comprising features that help expand vapers horizons, the SMOK SCAR line is a beautiful, visually striking line of vapes released by SMOK to deliver high quality performance at a reasonable price point. Currently offering the SMOK SCAR-18 230W Starter Kit, SCAR-P3/5 Pod Mod Systems, and some more options coming out in the future, SMOK’s SCAR line is a great addition to the vaping industry. With the intelligent IQ Chipset Series at the helm with IP67 ratings for all models, the SCAR line is chock full of features that help propel the vaping experience to the next level. Let’s take a look at the vaping kits offered by SMOK and the benefits they’ve brought to both vapers and the industry together.

The flagship model of the SCAR line, SMOK SCAR-18 Kit is a great starter kit, constructed from durable zinc-alloy and leather. With an IP67 designation, the SCAR-18 is protected against external factors such as water, dust, and other intrusions that could jeopardize the performance or functionality of the box mod. Visually striking, the zinc-alloy chassis is coated in mainly gunmetal or specific colors while accents of colored resin or stabilized wood peek through for eye-catching vibrancy. Equipped with the intelligent IQ-X Chipset, the SCAR-18 Kit offers temperature control options for advanced users, but is paired with the TFV9 Sub-Ohm Tank for beginners or those that do not want to spend time building coils. The TFV9 Tank utilizes meshed coils to deliver satisfying vapor without needing to access the higher end of the wattage output, conserving battery from the dual 18650 batteries. Also compatible with the TFV8 Baby Coil Series, this is a clear upgrade for the vaper that utilizes some of the older SMOK products and has a supply of TFV8 Baby Coils. This all encompassing performance makes it one of the best vape kits for gifts or as a reliable new centerpiece in the vaping collection.

Created by pulling all the best features from other pod mod systems, the SCAR P3 or P5 are great inclusions to this growing niche of vaping systems. Crafted to be portable, durable, and striking, this is a great pod mod system for the on-the-go customer that loves exploring while remaining stylish. Coming in two designs, offering an integrated battery model and external battery model, the SCAR P Model is great for those that are traveling or are away from home most of the day, granting a portable form factor that easily fits within the bookbag, purse, or pocket. Utilizing replaceable coil pods, the SCAR P models can use coils from the renowned RPM Coil Series for delivering tasty vapor and unadulterated flavor from your favorite eJuice or nicotine salt. Instilled with needed IP67 ratings, these pod mod kits are more likely to accidentally fall into a body of water or puddle, as the users tend to spend more time outdoors or on-the-move, where the larger form-factor of a box mod may hinder them. Set at a lower price point than a box mod, these SCAR-P models may be better suited for those that do not want to lose a more expensive starter kit or box mod or output larger or more dense clouds of vapor, to avoid attracting attention.

These three options from SMOK are just the beginning of the many offerings of the SCAR Line with a SCAR Mini slated for release in the near future. Adopting many of the beneficial features from the SMOK SCAR-18 packed into a smaller form factor, these SCAR Mini is a great bridge between the SCAR-18 and the SMOK P3 or P5 Pod Mod Systems. Utilizing a single 18650 battery, the weight of the starter kit will be reduced considerably and is paired with the new TFV9 Mini Tank, a reduced size version of the TFV9 Tank while still retaining the functionality of the TFV9 Mesh Coils. Although the size and weight has been lowered, there is no loss in performance or ability to output stellar vapor.

We hope this blog post has provided you with information regarding the SMOK SCAR Line. Feel free to contact our stellar customer service team to field any questions you may have. In addition, please check out our website and blog to keep up-to-date with anything vape-related, as well as our extensive offerings and large product lines.

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