Product Spotlight: DOVPO TOP GEAR DNA250C 200W Box Mod

DOVPO is a solid vaping brand outputting quality box mods with great construction for tried and true performance. With its great track history of products including, but not limited to, the Dovpo Topside Series, ODIN Series, and other assorted box mods and rebuildables, DOVPO has made leaps and bounds in contributions to the vaping industry. One significant addition to the line of products that have been released is the DOVPO Top Gear Box Mod.

Constructed from solid CNC machined aluminium-alloy, the Top Gear Mod offers a reliable chassis with an aesthetically pleasing profile. The CNC machining process ensures seamless construction and great fitting parts. Visually striking design aside, the Dovpo Top Gear operates off a pair of 18650 batteries installed (not included) via a bottom hinged door to deliver ample power to allow the Top Gear to reach its 200W ceiling. Equipped with the conventional adjustment buttons, the DOVPO Top Gear is also equipped with a rotating knob at the top to allow for faster on-the-fly adjustment of the wattage or temperature settings. Outfitted with a threaded 510 connection and wide wattage range, the Top Gear Box Mod can be paired with a myriad of tank or rebuildable options to facilitate extreme cloud chasing or intense flavor development for MTL or DTL users alike.

The crowning feature on the DOVPO Top Gear is the Evolv DNA250C chipset. Offering a similar functionality to the DOVPO ODIN Series, the easy-to-navigate menu allows users to manage the wattage output or access the extensive temperature control suite for precise vapor output. Since the DOVPO Top Gear is equipped with the Evolv DNA’s chipset, the temperature monitoring system is incredibly accurate with a slew of modifications to allow the user to create an incredibly fluid experience and custom-tailor the performance of their box mod to their liking. Outlined in our blog post regarding Evolv DNA Chipsets, this chipset is a hallmark of great box mods and vaping devices and is highly regarded in the vaping community.

We hope this blog has been informative and helpful in finding out more on the Dovpo Top Gear Mod, highlighting the great features and benefits in the box mod and the chipset within. With a great form factor and detailed construction elements, the Dovpo Top Gear Mod is sure to deliver reliable performance and vapor output. Please message our reliable customer service team for more information and questions. Feel free to check out the website and blog for more information on the vaping community, as well as the extensive line of products available.

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