Product Review: Uwell YEARN Neat 2 12W Pod System

Uwell has underwent leaps and strides in the development of the pod system section of the vaping market segment, offering stellar features and great specifications that have basically set the standard for any future pod system that arrives in the marketplace. With the legendary Caliburn Series, Aeglos, and Tripod Pod Systems, Uwell has implemented and adopted a variety of designs and features that help create a pod system for everyone. The latest addition, the Uwell YEARN Neat 2 is a revamp of their original Uwell YEARN Pod System, and brings a great low cost option to the table that is sure to satisfy pod system users.

The original Uwell YEARN Pod System was a simple pod system that used pre-filled pods in a draw-activated pen style shape. Working relatively well, Uwell built upon the features of the Uwell YEARN Pod System and improved them from good to great. Keeping the draw-activated firing mechanism, while making many improvements to the battery life, pods, and form-factor, the YEARN Neat 2 is a worthy successor to the original Yearn.

Ditching pre-filled pods, the new Uwell YEARN Neat 2 Pod System utilizes refillable pods with a 0.9ohm UN-Meshed-H Coil to deliver superior flavor from your favorite eJuice or nicotine salt. This integrated coil provides a rapid heating time and contains Uwell’s proprietary Pro-FOCS flavor boosting system to grant true flavor from your filled eJuice by regulating the temperature of the coil heating element. The pods are refilled from the side, behind a silicone stopper, and utilize a magnetic connection to facilitate quick and easy pod or flavor changes.

Constructed in a lightweight manner, the YEARN Neat 2 is less weighted than the first YEARN Pod System, and contains a larger 520mAh battery within the chassis. With these improvements to the battery and weight, the YEARN Neat 2 is sure to last longer and be more portable than its predecessor. The larger battery nearly rivals the Uwell Caliburn G and I would feel comfortable to say this is essentially the integrated coil counterpart to the popular Caliburn G, and is perfect for those that do not like to get messy with replacing a coil and cleaning out the pod. Simply fill, use, and toss the pod when the flavor becomes lacking or changes considerably.

One drawback to the Uwell Yearn Neat 2 Pod System is that it only comes with a single refillable pod and does not include a USB Type-C Cable for recharging. However, if you are a seasoned vaper, chances are a Type-C USB Cable is somewhere around. This can be troublesome for those that are newer to vaping, and may not have immediate access to a Type-C Cable. The single pod is refillable and can be used multiple times, but the lack of a second pod can be inconvenient, as there is no back up for burned coils and may lead to downtime on vaping especially when waiting for a new set of pods to come in. Check out our online vape store and be sure to order a pack of pods with the device.

We hope this review on the Uwell YEARN Neat 2 Pod System is of help in laying out the pros and cons of the new Uwell Yearn Neat 2. With great features and only a single drawback, the Uwell YEARN Neat 2 is sure to be a great addition to any vaping stable belonging to new or seasoned vapers. As it is simple to use, portable, and low maintenance, the Yearn Neat 2 is a great on-the-go vape, perfect for beginners who do not know the nuances of vaping, and perfect for those that are looking for a back up vape in case a primary vape runs of out of battery or goes missing.

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