Product Review: SMOK NOVO Series

When the first SMOK NOVO released in 2019, I personally thought it was not going to be a hit amongst vapers. With the Vaporesso Renova Zero, Aspire Spryte, and Voopoo Panda Pod Systems releasing around the same time, I had my share of doubts about the SMOK NOVO Pod System and its ability to compete or make an impact in this newly created segment of pod systems in the vaping industry. Pod Systems were gaining popularity, but did not feel the SMOK NOVO was as game changing as starter kits and their box mod counterparts. I was completely wrong, as the SMOK Novo has left a clear impact and impression on the vaping market segment. Its simple shape, lack of buttons, and simple auto-draw firing system was a wonderful combination in the vaping industry as it is essentially foolproof to use. Combining strong support with a variety of pods, this lineage of pod system caters to many vapers and their various vaping styles with the first 3 Novo options having cross-compatible pods. Let’s take a look at all the renditions of the SMOK Novo and see what good or bad features have been revamped or added over the releases.

At the time, the SMOK NOVO Pod System offered a high degree of portability that was not recognized by manufacturers as box mods and starter kits had dominance in the vaping market segment. The plated chassis was luxurious and sported vibrant colors that attracted the eyes and attention of those around. Although the integrated battery was only 450mAh, the amount of power required to heat the coil within the pod was meager and did not drain the battery quickly. Holding up to 2mL of eJuice, the pod system was perfect for beginners or those that needed a backup vape and people looking for alternatives to cigarettes. The original Novo comes with the two options for pods, offering a 1.2ohm and 1.5ohm pod for delivering satisfying vapor. This portable form-factor and the introduction of nicotine salts are likely the biggest contributing reasons to the desirability of the original SMOK NOVO.

The successor to the original Novo Pod System was the NOVO 2. With many upgrades and changes to the original design, sans the clean and simple chassis, SMOK made plenty of changes underneath the hood and offered an enormous amount of visually striking colorways. Maintaining the same shape and dimensions as the original device, SMOK upgraded the battery to 800mAh, nearly doubling the battery capacity. The airflow intake system and a groove was added near the electrode for smoother and more reliable use, increasing the reliable performance factor. In addition, SMOK came out with 7 new pod variations to cater to a wider audience within the vaping community. This generated plenty of attention as most pod systems had 1 or 2 proprietary pods or replaceable coils that did not satisfy such a large audience. Maintaining the screenless design, the NOVO 2 saved precious battery life by relying on a LED light to indicate operational status, just like its predecessor.

The SMOK NOVO X Pod System held the biggest change in the NOVO Pod System Series. With a slightly larger profile, the NOVO X is NOT compatible with the previous pod offerings of its predecessors. However, offering two 0.8ohm pods of the meshed and dual coil variety, the flavor and vapor production was entirely unsurpassed by the previous options. One of the biggest changes in the NOVO X is the offering of a display screen and adjustable wattage output. Users can now select a wattage between 1-25W using a single button to find the perfect output for their pod and favorite flavor, granting a degree of customization never seen before on a NOVO variation. This latest reiteration of the NOVO is a great addition to the lineage and arguably delivers the best flavor from the SMOK NOVO Line.

The changes between the NOVO 2 and NOVO 3 are incredibly subtle. Again, the outer chassis was left alone, leaving many of the changes hidden to the naked eye. However, underneath the visually striking chassis, a few changes took place to improve the functionality of the NOVO 3. Offering an advanced airflow intake system, the dual airflow intakes improved the generated flavor and a new draw-sensing element made the breath-activated firing system more reliable and satisfying to use. Maintaining the compatibility of the previous pods from the Novo 1, 2, and 3, the SMOK NOVO 3 introduces a 0.8ohm pod for rapidly heating vapor production. Sadly, the cross-compatibility of pods ended with the Novo 3.

After 4 other reiterations, the 5th installment in the SMOK NOVO line, the SMOK NOVO 4 has a few new features that will definitely garner significant attention. The SMOK NOVO 4 now offers an adjustable airflow, similar to the airflow on the GeekVape Aegis. This rotating dial grants the ability to control the desired airflow entering the pod. Keeping the same increased size of the NOVO X, the battery capacity remains the same, but charging is now facilitated via Type-C USB port to deliver faster charging to restore the 800mAh battery. This allows the user to vape more in between recharges and is a great quality of life improvement. The final change, and arguably the biggest difference is the introduction of a replaceable coil pod. Utilizing the new SMOK LP1 Coil Series, the NOVO 4 Pod System utilizes its own proprietary pod and is not cross-compatible with the previous offerings in the lineage. Although that might be a little off putting to fans of the older NOVO systems, sometimes a complete change is warranted and SMOK did not miss the mark with the LP1 Coil Series. Taking influence from the best performing pods of the previous generations, SMOK has created replaceable coil variants of them, offering a 1.2ohm Meshed,  0.8ohm Meshed, and 0.8ohm Dual Coil option to satisfy users.

In retrospect, the SMOK NOVO line has catapulted itself to near-legendary status. Many vapers are drawn to its simplified usage and construction without sacrificing any performance. In addition, the changes that have been made to the series over its multiple reiterations are in line with what the consumer is looking for. These constant revisions are great and work to improve the series over time, revealing that SMOK does listen to what their audience seeks in a reliable performing pod system. Although I was not a fan of the original NOVO, I feel with the latest releases, SMOK has won me over and I am now excited to try the latest NOVO 4 Pod System. Let us know in the comments below what you think of the NOVO Series and what you think the next generation of NOVO will have to offer in terms of looks, performance, or design.

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