Product Review: Lost Vape URSA Quest Multi-Kit

In recent times, Pod Mod Kits have surged strongly in the vaping world, delivering the power of box mod kits in the size and shape of large pod systems. With many options available, it is easy to get lost amongst the varieties. However, one significant pod mod system that is entering the vaping market segment is the Lost Vape URSA Quest Pod Mod Kit, a blend of luxury and performance, creating a vaping masterpiece. Coming with tons of accessories and vaping options, the URSA Pod Mod is a versatile vaping system that utilizes Lost Vape’s existing UB Coil Series and has introduced the newer, larger, and intense UB Pro Coil Series, to deliver delicious clouds of vapor when utilized within the specialized pods. Self-purported as the “King of Pod Mods”, let’s see if that title holds true.

Lost Vape’s URSA Pod Mod is an extremely versatile and highly refined vaping pod mod system. Constructed from zinc-alloy, the chassis is a magnificent blend of metal and wood or leather with exquisite patterns. The innovative clip-lock design can accommodate pods or even utilize the included 510 adapter, delivering versatile function between easy-to-use pods or your favorite 510 threaded tank or rebuildable atomizer. At the bottom is a threaded battery cap designed to hold a single 18650 or 2X700 battery, allowing for wattage output of up to 100W. Charging is facilitated via Type-C cable for faster charging and can be used to update the URSA Pod Mod. When used with the standard or pro version of the URSA Pods, the Lost Vape URSA offers a dedicated dual slotted airflow control ring to carefully adjust the airflow settings to the desired amount.

Within the URSA Pod Mod is a QUEST chipset, designed to utilize power optimally while maintaining strong functionality like offering a temperature control suite with compatibility to kanthal, nickel, titanium, and stainless steel wires. The QUEST Chipset offers three levels of boost, two vaping styles, and can save three user records allowing the user set and retain vaping settings that created desirable vaping outputs for use later down the road. With 5 separate vape modes, the Lost Vape URSA can access and utilize a wattage, voltage, TC, VPC, and Bypass Modes to grant the user plenty of flexibility in their selections, similar to many Vaporesso Box Mods. These advanced vaping modes may be confusing to the beginner, but when you know how to use them, they can make vaping much more enjoyable. With all the technical information viewable on a full color TFT screen, the URSA Pod Mod and the QUEST Chipset, make for a great vaping pod mod system that is sure to satisfy all types of vapers, beginner or advanced, alike.

With all the stunningly beautiful design elements like the fusion of leather/wood and zinc-alloy materials, coupled with the benefits brought on from the QUEST Chipset, the URSA Pod Mod can deliver superior vaping abilities from a myriad of different attachments. From practical pods to premium sub-ohm tanks or even amazing rebuildable atomizers, the Lost Vape URSA Pod Mod can deliver supreme performance with all the aforementioned atomizers that cannot be matched by many other pod mods. With intuitive functionality for beginners and higher degrees of customization for advanced users, the Lost Vape URSA Pod Mod is sure to find its way into the serious vaper’s collection, delivering deliciously flavored vapor from your favorite eJuice or nicotine salt. The Lost Vape URSA is definitely King of Pod Mods to me, and I’m excited to see what the vaping industry will introduce that can challenge the crown and dethrone this device. Comment below what you think could have been done better, or if there is a pod mod system that you believe is better than the Lost Vape URSA Quest!

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