Product Review: Innokin Sensis 40W Pod Mod

Innokin, a major manufacturer in the vaping industry has recently announced the release of the Sensis 40W Pod Mod. Spending over 18 months in development, testing, and production, Innokin is looking for implementation of technology that will revolutionize the vaping scene and they have believed to found that in the Innokin Sensis Pod Mod. With Innokin’s previous track record of over 10 years of innovation, with products like the Endura Series or Z Coil Series, the Sensis Pod Mod is a delightful addition to the vaping market segment. Introducing new features that works to extend coil life and flavor production, the Sensis seems to be a sensational pod mod that will be great for beginner or advanced vapers, alike.

Outputting up to 40W, the Sensis Pod Mod offers three new modes of Coil+, Refresh, and a bonus “Find F” Mode in addition to the conventional Power/Wattage Mode. Coil+ mode forces a priming of the coil at the end of each puff to saturate the cotton wicking medium while reducing carbon deposits on the heating element within the coil. Refresh Mode manually refreshes the coil between puffs for better wicking and allows for better flavor generation, while extending the life of the coil. “Find F” Mode is an unlockable bonus mode that could be considered next generation technology in the vaping world by extending the coil’s life and ability to produce exceptional flavor over time from your favorite eJuice or nicotine salts. Unlockable by entering a code or simply vaping over time, this exciting feature is innovative and is purported to be a great vaping mode that will revolutionize vaping. Quoting the developer, Dr. Ivan Zhao, “We wanted to create a device that offered something new to the market, introduce something that could potentially change the future of vaping technology. The Sensis has the next generation vape technology inside. To ensure the highest level of innovation, over 18 months of design and testing were done on the Sensis Pod-Mod.”

Constructed from zinc-alloy, the weighted chassis of the Innokin Sensis Pod Mod encases the integrated 3000mAh battery, supplying plenty of power for quality vaping. If a recharge is needed, a Type-C port will help with quickly restoring power to the device. With the Type-C Port, battery chargers are no longer needed and works perfect for those that are traveling or constantly on-the-go, outputting plenty of vapor with dependable reliability. With a nice heft and feel, the Sensis feels incredibly solid but not heavy enough to uncomfortably weigh down any pockets it is stored in. A large screen displays critical vaping information and is contrasted by quality material backing that meets and maintains the level of excellence that Innokin is known for. 

In addition, the Innokin Sensis utilizes a 3.1mL refillable glass pod, maintaining and improving flavor of any loaded eJuice or nicotine salt. Ditching the traditional PTGC pods, as certain flavors and e-liquids could cause corrosion within, glass and quartz pods are inert and not susceptible to degradation. Utilizing the new Sceptre-S, all types of vapers are included and can utilize MTL or DTL vaping styles depending on which resistance coil is installed. The Sceptre-S Coils work in harmony with the new firing modes to help extend the lifespan and produce satisfying flavor that will please the tastebuds. Combined with the chassis based airflow control switch, the Sensis Pod Mod is incredibly versatile and can deliver vapor in any preferred method.

In retrospect, Innokin is a great industry leader in their product creations, pumping out quality devices and coils to support them. With outstanding previous innovations like the Innokin Kroma-A Kit or the Innokin Coolfire Mini Kit, the Innokin Sensis Pod Mod is sure to be a solid addition to a seasoned vaper’s collection and can be a dependable vape for beginner vapers, growing with them as they progress on their vaping journeys. Not only revolutionizing vaping, they also have packed the Sensis in 100% recyclable materials hoping to reduce waste and encouraging other manufacturers to do the same, as we all live on the same planet. If you have any questions or are looking for more information, please contact our exceptional customer service team. Check out our website and blog for our extensive product offerings and for any vape-related news, guides, and product reviews.

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