Nicotine Pouches Explained

Nicotine Pouches are a relatively new introduction to our online store. Offered as an alternative, nicotine pouches are generally white pouches containing nicotine meant for oral usage, usually using nicotine extracted from the plant or synthetic nicotine. Biodegradable, these pouches are pre-proportioned and are simple to use, offering nicotine through the mouth without any actual tobacco plant matter, opting for other vegetative fibers. Each pouch can be used anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour, offering a consistent and metered dose of nicotine, that can be responsibly disposed of after use.

Meant to be packed in between the lips and gums, just like snus, nicotine pouches are gaining popularity as they provide nicotine without the unsightly staining of teeth, like conventional tobacco products. In addition, nicotine pouches tend to use tobacco-free nicotine or extract nicotine from the tobacco leaf to reduce any impurities or colorants that come from usage of products with actual tobacco within. Without any tobacco vegetative matter within, these pouches do not create the need to constantly spit, working unassumingly while you go about your day and free up your hands.

Nicotine pouches come in incremental strength levels and flavorings for the preference of the user. This unobtrusive nicotine delivery system does not require any additional accessories like lighters or batteries and is great for the minimalist that is on-the-go or traveling. Perfect for those looking for rapid and consistent nicotine delivery without any offending odors or smells, nicotine pouches are at the top of the list, working independently in any situation.

Check out our online store and blog for the most recent products available or information regarding the vaping industry. If you have any questions regarding nicotine pouches or their use, please feel free to contact our amazing customer service team. We hope that this blog has been helpful in providing information on the topic of nicotine pouches. Leave a comment below on your thoughts on nicotine pouches and what brands you would like to see us carry.

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