New Technology: Pod Tanks

Vaping has come a long way from its inception with plenty of innovations and technologies produced to advance the industry. With expos to showcase these new items and implementations, it is easy to get lost if you step away from vaping, with tons of new items that come and some that go. From old school silica wicks to groundbreaking pod mods, innovation fuels the vaping industry, propelling us to new heights. One recent innovation within the vaping industry is the Pod Tank, a hybrid creation blending together pods and tanks. Voopoo has recently released the PnP Pod Tank, a magnetic pod that can attach an airflow control ring that facilitates threaded 510 connections, allowing the usage of the magnetic pod to a box mod device, when normally the PnP Pod Tank is used to connect to the Voopoo Drag X or S Pod Mod System.

Pod Tanks look to bridge the gap between replacement pods and sub-ohm tanks, just like how Pod Mod Systems did for Box Mods and Pod Systems. They are a relatively new type of technology used in vaping that give the versatility of a replaceable coil pod while still allowing the use of powerful sub-ohm coils with the adjustable airflow ability to match, without sacrificing the ability to pair with pod systems. Aforementioned, PnP Pod Tank grants the user the ability to pair it with the VOOPOO Drag S/X mods through the magnetic connection or attach the pod tank to a 510 threaded box mod for heavier sub-ohm performance. Utilizing the PnP Coil Series, there are plenty of coil options and support behind their creation making this the next logical choice for fans of the coil series that want versatility or utilization of different vaping styles. With different MTL, DTL, Sub-Ohm coil options, this PnP Pod Tank covers all the bases for vaping.

Be on the lookout for more Pod Tank style devices from other manufacturers that are sure to put their own twist on this type of technology. Some people will claim these new types of devices are mere copycats, but these new products are sure to implement better features or different mechanisms. This allows us users to find the ideal product that works best, further spurring innovation and better development of products for us on the consumer side of the vaping industry equating to a win-win formula for everyone.

Stay tuned for more information on anything vape related by checking our blog and website for any new products or posts. We will feature an all encompassing take on the vaping industry. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our amazing customer service team regarding our product lines or anything else that is happening in the vaping industry.

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