Must-Have Vapes to Start 2021

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year with plenty of ups and downs. From pandemics, politics, and protests, the year 2020 felt like there was no end in sight to the tumultuous times.  Things that seemed certain turned out differently than what we expected, while plans that we made and looked forward to were postponed or even canceled. However, we as human beings are incredibly resilient and excel at adapting, and now we are at the tail end of 2020, ready to bid adieu to the past and take on the new year with whatever may come. Although sometimes, it feels like we are running out of space to breathe, here are some vapes that you can depend on in the new year of 2021 to give you that breath of fresh air you are looking for.

For beginners into the world of vaping, pod systems are a great way to dip the toes into the pool to try and figure out what works best as everyone’s preferences lie in different niches. However, the one of the best pod systems available right now would be the Uwell Caliburn G Pod System. Featuring a refillable pod with two different supporting coils, the Caliburn G can utilize a 0.8ohm Meshed Coil and 1.0ohm MTL Coil for delivering delicious vapor. Improving on the original Caliburn design, Uwell implemented the things that the vape community was looking for by increasing the battery size, charging speed, and adding replaceable coils instead of relying on integrated coil pods. In a slightly larger chassis, the Caliburn G is a surefire upgrade for those that loved the first Caliburn and is a great secondary vape system for those on-the-go.

Another great pod system to start vaping on would be the SMOK NOVO 3 Pod System. Featuring a 800mAh battery, the NOVO 3 can go where you go while delivering all-day vapor. A draw-to-fire system makes the buttonless design great for storage in a bookbag, purse, or pocket as there is no chance at an auto-firing incident, keeping the integrated coil pods safe and unburnt. The integrated coil pods have many different options available, and can hold up to 2mL of your favorite eJuice or nicotine salts. Being cross compatible with all previous NOVO Pods, the NOVO 3 Pod System is a great upgrade for anyone looking for a new device.

If you’ve been vaping for a while now but still don’t know too much about the more advanced vaping nuances, the Vaporesso LUXE PM40 is a great option for those that are looking for more customization and adjustment out of a vape. Powered by the AXON Chipset, the LUXE PM40 by Vaporesso is a great choice for those that want adjustable wattage to help alter the output a bit. Holding up to 4mL of eJuice within the refillable pod, the Vaporesso LUXE PM40 can utilize coils from the GTX Mesh Coil Series, granting the user plenty of options to choose from. Adjustable up to 40W, the LUXE PM40 can deliver plenty of vapor from its 1800mAh battery for delicious all-day vaping.

Likely the best option for those that want more out of a pod system would be the Geek Vape Aegis Boost Pod Mod. Featuring an integrated 1500mAh battery, the Aegis Boost has reliable coil support, delivering satisfying vapor from the 0.4ohm and 0.6ohm options. With its crowning highlight of being IP67 rated, the Aegis Boost Pod Mod is water, dust, and shockproof, granting great performance in less-than-desirable conditions. Holding up to 3.7mL of eJuice with an adjustable airflow, the Aegis Boost Pod Mod is intuitive and easy-to-use while offering excellent performance. Check out our blog post on IP67 ratings for a better explanation about the feature.

A great intermediary vaping device would have to be the Voopoo DRAG S / X Pod Mod Systems. The Voopoo DRAG S Pod Mod is a great vaping system, offering up to 60W of output and is paired with a large 2500mAh integrated battery. With access to the legendary PnP Coil Series, the Drag S Pod Mod has serious coil support with plenty of offerings that encompass all vapers. A Type-C Charging Port offer rapid charging and equates to less downtime and more time vaping. For those that love MTL vaping, Voopoo offers a MTL Style Pod Tank that can satisfy all mouth-to-lung vaping.

The DRAG X Pod Mod is the external battery variant of the DRAG S Pod Mod, offering the ability to utilize an 18650 battery to boost the maximum wattage output to 80W. Utilizing the PnP Pod, featuring the highly regarded PnP Coils that we’ve covered before, the Drag X Pod Mod benefits from all the previously mentioned features that the Drag S Pod Mod has but allows the user to simply switch out the 18650 batteries when recharges are needed, reducing the downtime of vaping to nearly nothing.

Sometimes Pod Mod and Pod Systems don’t always cut it, and you want sub-ohm vaping. Well, the Geek Vape Aegis MAX Starter Kit is a great option for true flavor delivery. Inheriting the customary IP67 rating, the AEGIS MAX Kit utilizes a single high-amp battery and offers resistance to water, shock, and dust. Although originally paired with the Geek Vape Zeus Tank, the Aegis MAX can be utilized with your favorite 510 threaded sub-ohm tank. For those that are more advanced, rebuildable atomizers can be installed to make full use of the included temperature control suite for compatibility with stainless steel, nickel, and titanium wires for a careful controlled vapor output that is sure to please.

For those that are looking for more power out of a starter kit, the Vaporesso GEN S Starter Kit is a great option, utilizing a dual high-amp 18650 battery configuration to boost the wattage ceiling to 220W. Paired with the NRG-S Tank, the Vaporesso GEN S Kit can deliver amazingly flavored vapor with the Vaporesso NRG GT Coil Series working in conjunction with the Pulse Mode that boosts power every 0.02s. In addition, the GEN S is loaded with a temperature control suite for those that are looking to tailor their vapor output to a high degree of precision when paired with a rebuildable atomizer option.

VOOPOO brings to the table the DRAG 2 Refresh Kit, a revamped version of their original Drag 2 Starter Kit, the Refresh Edition brings to the table, Voopoo’s PnP Pod Tank. The Voopoo PnP Pod Tank is a new addition that offers high compatibility with the PnP Coil Series, granting a whole slew of coil support for all types of vapers, including a rebuildable option. If you are a fan of Voopoo products and have a few more in the collection, the Pod Tank is compatible and can be used on the Drag S, X, and MAX by removing the airflow adjustment, allowing you to switch chassis with ease. Pod Tanks are new technology that we’ve covered that makes vaping much easier without sacrificing performance.

Although many starter kits are available in box mod form without the tank included, not all box mods are available in starter kit form. One great box mod is the Aspire MIXX Mod. Created in collaboration with Sunbox, an Italian Modder, the MIXX Mod utilizes a 18650 or 18350 battery within its convertible form factor. Hewn from aluminum and stainless steel, the MIXX Mod maintains a visually striking appearance and delivers great performance in an ergonomic profile. Check out some solid pairing of rebuildable atomizers in this product review of the Aspire MIXX mod.

Another great mod is the DOVPO ODIN DNA250C Box Mod. Equipped with Evolv’s legendary chipset, the DOVPO ODIN Mod can deliver precision temperature control from your favorite rebuildable atomizers. If building isn’t in your abilities or you just don’t want to spend much time on that, the DOVPO ODIN can also be paired with any 510 threaded sub-ohm tank to deliver satisfying vapor up to 200W, thanks to the dual high amp batteries within. Created in collaboration with Vaperz Cloud, the ODIN is a great mod externally with a strong performance chipset internally to back it up. Check out our blog post for an indepth explanation to the Evolv DNA Chip Series to learn why its such a sought after addition in vaping devices.

Rebuildable Atomizers are a dime a dozen, but good rebuildable atomizers are harder to find. If you have never built before we have provided guides on understanding the various types of rebuildable atomizers. One option for a reputable atomizer is the Wotofo PROFILE V1.5 RDA. Crafted from durable stainless steel, the clamp system on the Profile is superior to many others. Implementing a central ceramic cotton support system, the Profile V1.5 RDA ensures cotton contact with the mesh heating element within, utilizing less power to heat up, while doing so quickly and evenly. This makes building easy for those that would like to try, and eliminates the need to smooth out hotspots, one of the elements of building that kept this author from twisting his own coils.

Another solid rebuildable option is the Vandy Vape KYLIN Mini V2 RTA, a great rebuildable tank atomizer for those that prefer to shy away from mesh heating sheets. The Kylin Mini V2 RTA offers a build deck platform for those that are looking to utilize traditional coils and utilizes a honeycomb airflow control system ventilating in a 270° area around the bottom of the coil for maximum flavor delivery. Holding up to 5mL of eJuice within the bubble glass tank, the Vandy Vape KYLIN Mini V2 RTA is superior to many RTA’s and works wonders in unlocking true flavor from your favorite eJuice. If you are new to building and would like some guidance, please check out our Beginner’s Guide to Building, complete with helpful step by step pictures.

We hope this list has been helpful in guiding beginner and advanced vapers in the right direction to finding and expandin your vaping horizons. Although this year has been relatively bleak with many unseen variables and cancelled plans, one reliable thing that we can count on is our vapes, especially when we properly maintain them. We hope that 2021 looks better than 2020, and since although we are in the midst of a pandemic, we hope you focus on the fact that we are also in the midst of holiday season. Let’s focus on the good things, like family, friends, health, wealth, and damn good vape juice. Pray for the best and check up on each other. Please contact our helpful customer service team if you have any questions or inquiries, and feel free to check out our extensive product offerings on our website and stay tuned to our blog for all things vape-related. Make the most of the remainder of the year and have a great time vaping.

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