Mid-2021 Top 10 Rebuildable Atomizers

It’s the midpoint of 2021, and about that time we dropped a top 10 list of the best rebuildable atomizers to date. Although many of these have been featured previously, the newer releases pale in comparison with some of these tried and true atomizers. Catering to those that love to build or control every aspect of their vaping instruments, rebuildable atomizers were the predecessors to sub-ohm tanks and in some cases deliver better vapor and flavor than the best sub-ohm tanks available on the market. Not for the beginner vaper, these atomizers require advanced knowledge of Ohm’s law, resistances, and a good degree of patience, but is incredibly rewarding, especially when tailored to a temperature control box mod.

Listed in no particular order, the Hellvape DEAD RABBIT V2 24mm RDA, is the first rebuildable atomizer on this Top 10 list. Offering a revamp of the Original Dead Rabbit RDA, the Dead Rabbit V2 offers a simple build deck that is very intuitive to install coils upon. With space for a single or dual coil configuration, the elevated terminals are large and can accommodate massive coil leads for extreme builds. With large adjustable airflow slots, the user can finely meter the precise amount of airflow they want going to the installed coil structures. At the base is a 510 squonk pin that allows for pairing with a squonk mod, eliminating the constant need to drip as RDA users are familiar with.

Wotofo has quite a few entries in this list, with the first being the Wotofo Profile V1.5 RDA. Ideal for those that want to learn how to build, the Profile V1.5 RDA allows for utilization of the mesh sheet coils, presenting a heating element that heats evenly and quickly, drawing less power from the batteries of the mod. This clamp system offers a quick and easy build deck that is straightforward to use and has less room for failure than a traditional rebuildable atomizer. Equipped with a central ceramic support, this adjustable base presses the cotton against the heating element to prevent dry firing, and also has an integrated squonk pin to eliminate the need for constant dripping when paired with a squonk mod.

Hellvape’s second entry to this list is the Hellvape HELLBEAST 24mm BF RDA, offering a quad post build deck that can accommodate a single or dual coil configuration. Equipped with a 72-hole airflow control system, the Hellbeast RDA is simple to build upon and allows for large coil builds for those that want to push the envelope. Perfect for those that want to learn how to build, the build deck is spacious and allows plenty of room for adjusting coils and the placement of cotton. Instituting a useful 510 squonk pin, this rebuildable atomizer is great for those that love to squonk, allowing for faster cotton wicking than other RDAs without a bottom fed squonk function.

Damn Vape comes swinging into this top 10 list with the Mongrel RDA, a versatile rebuildable atomizer. With two wide posts, the build deck of the Mongrel RDA is perfect for a dual coil configuration. The open terminals can fit larger coil structures, but the shining feature is an interchangeable deck-based airflow insert, that allows the user to control the airflow hitting the installed coil structures from the bottom to create a deluge of flavor. Coming with two top caps, the MONGREL RDA offers a stainless steel top cap and clear glass top cap to see into the build deck.

Check out Vandy Vape’s addition to this Top 10 List, the KYLIN Mini V2 RTA. Constructed from durable stainless steel, this smaller RTA offers an interesting build deck shape, utilizing a half-pipe shaped configuration, venting airflow in a 270° area around the installed coil structure. Accommodating a single coil, this rebuildable tank atomizer focuses on flavor by generating as much airflow onto the coil as possible. Holding up to 5mL of eJuice within the bubble glass, the Kylin Mini V2 RTA features a top based airflow control ring dotted with honeycomb style airflow holes to allow for adjustment with high precision.

Geek Vape brings to the table the Zeus X II Mesh RTA, also known as the ZX 2 RTA, a rebuildable atomizer of legendary status. Outfitted with a top airflow control ring, this tank is leak-free. However, the build deck is the crowning jewel on this atomizer, offering a dual clamp system that can accommodate both traditional coil wires and mesh sheet coils for those that prefer the even heating. In addition, a central ceramic cotton support works to maintain contact between the mesh sheet coil and the cotton ensuring good flavorful hits each time. Airflow is brought from the top into an internal chimney that disperses the airflow directly onto the coil structure.

Wotofo’s next entry is the Profile M 24.5mm RTA. Another single mesh sheet coil rebuildable atomizer, the Profile M RTA offers a central ceramic cotton support system that works with a clamping system to secure the installed mesh sheet. Holding up to 4mL of eJuice within the confines of the glass tank, the Profile M RTA is great for producing flavor from your favorite eJuice and eliminates the need to drip like traditional RDAs. Outfitted with a top airflow control system, the Profile M RTA is leak free and allows for both MTL or DL vaping.

Intricate and high-functioning, the Dovpo BLOTTO RTA has earned its spot on this Top 10 List through its amazing build quality and plethora of features. Created in collaboration with Vaping Bogan, Dovpo worked to create a build deck that is easy to build upon with the fastening screws angled out to the side. In addition, the honeycomb bottom airflow ventilated to the deck and is split into a variety of slots and channels offering 242° of coverage to the coils within. Holding up to 6mL of eJuice inside, the Blotto is a flavor chaser’s dream.

Being the first RDTA onto this list, the Wotofo Profile 25mm RDTA is a great benchmark for other RDTA’s to follow. Holding a whopping 6.2mL, the Profile RDTA separates the eJuice from the build deck and works to wick the cotton via capillary action. 4 Stainless steel braided wires allow eJuice to climb up from the bottom chamber up to the top, saturating the cotton for vaping. Utilizing a clamp style build deck the Profile RDTA can utilize either a single mesh sheet or a traditional spun coil for delivering vapor. By removing the top cap, the build deck also includes a fill port for refilling the bottom capacity.

Steam Crave, a manufacturer specializing in high quality atomizers, brings the Steam Crave Aromamizer PLUS V2 RDTA to this Top 10 List. Offering a postless build deck, the Aromamizer PLUS V2 RDTA is a great addition to this list but should only be used by those that know how to build as it has plenty of features that can be fully utilized and appreciated by advanced builders. Measuring in at 30mm, this RDTA offers deck based terminals without posts to accommodate large and exotic coil configurations. With a versatile airflow control and juice flow control, this rebuildable dripping tank atomizer offers a convertible juice capacity, holding 8mL but can be expanded to 16mL with the usage of a different glass and chimney.

Although that wraps up our Top 10 List, there are a few honorable mentions of rebuildable atomizers that are stellar in design and function, but could not be included in our list. One prime example is the BP Mods PIONEER MTL RTA. Constructed from stainless steel, the tank is highly resistant to falls and drops while maintaining a minimalist feel to it. However, the internal workings are much more complex and versatile, offering an interchangeable 510 based airflow pin. Not to be confused with a squonk pin, this airflow allows the user to alter the airflow directed at the bottom of the installed coil structure and does not require removing the coils or juice and can be done on-the-fly. Offering two posts, each with its own respective terminal, the BP Pioneer RTA accommodates a single coil for delivering flavor in a MTL fashion.

Another honorable mention is the OXVA Arbiter RTA. Measuring in at 28mm, this rebuildable tank atomizer offers a 6mL bubble glass capacity. The build deck features an elevated quad post mounting structure that can accommodate traditional coils in a single or dual coil configuration. Channeling airflow from the top to bottom, it is leak free and delivers superior flavor by condensing the flavor in a chamber before it is delivered directly to the tongue. Utilizing a top airflow control system, the large slotted ring has options for both MTL or DL airflow.

The last honorable mention is the Vaperz Cloud ASGARD 30mm BF RDA. Built to a massive 30mm diameter, the Vaperz Cloud ASGARD RDA offers four deck based terminals to accommodate a dual coil configuration. With a very straightforward construction, the Asgard RDA is a no-frills approach to a rebuildable dripping atomizer, making it easy for novice builders to learn on and leaves plenty of room for experimenting with larger and more complex coil structures and configurations. Utilizing honeycomb side airflows, the Asgard RDA can deliver superior vapor and flavor from your favorite eJuice.

We hope this list has been helpful in finding a rebuildable atomizer that works for you, whether you are an advanced builder putting out extreme and exotic coils builds or a beginner vaper looking to try your hands at building. With this extensive list, there is sure to be a rebuildable atomizer that caters to your preferred method of vaping. With the large selection of products on the vaping market segment, like the selection on our online store, its easy to get lost amongst all the offerings. Comment which rebuildable atomizer you think should have made this list and why? In addition, please feel free in contacting our helpful customer service team if you have any questions or comments and they can surely point you in the right direction.

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