Mid-2021 Top 10 Pod Systems

It’s June, and we are officially halfway through 2021 with some crazy incidents and events sprinkled in. It’s easy to get lost within the chaos of the daily news ticker and the ins and outs of everyday life. However, it’s not everyday we come out with a Top 10 blog so let us restore order with some of the best vapes available on our online store. With many of them being pod systems and pod mod systems, these types of vapes have been excelling in the vaping market segment as consumers are looking for more portability without sacrificing performance. Check out our past blog on Pod Mods to get up to date if you’ve been out of the vaping loop. Please note these items are in no particular order and all have their share of merits and downfalls.

First we have the Uwell Caliburn G, the latest heir to the original Caliburn lineage. Taking all the features that have propelled the original model to its current elevated status, the Caliburn G includes features that have been sorely needed by the vaping community and combines them into a satisfying vape. With an increase to battery capacity, the Caliburn G now includes a replaceable coil feature to allow vapers to change out the coil when the flavor becomes lackluster instead of throwing away the entire pod with integrated coil like with the Caliburn or KOKO variant. With these added features, the dimensions are negligibly larger, but makes for a great pocket vape that delivers substantial flavor and vapor. Check out our product review for an in-depth look at the Caliburn G.

Next in line is the SMOK NORD 4 Pod System, the latest variant of the NORD Series, offering a large 2000mAh battery, 80W output, a display screen, and newly introduced airflow control dial. Coming from the original Nord, this system is leaps and bounds better than the previous system, which alone was already a pretty solid vaping system. The adjustable wattage feature makes it a great choice for vapers looking for more control over the output and the Nord 4 Pod System can utilize coils from either the RPM or RPM 2 Coil Series, depending on the pod installed.

With another entry by SMOK, the Novo X is a great pod system as it builds upon the NOVO Series of vapes. Introducing a screen and adjustable wattage, the NOVO X is a great barebones vaping system with unrivaled portability. Although the pods feature integrated coils, the flavor produced is delicious and plentiful and come in a variety of resistances and vaping styles that is sure to satisfy any type of vaper looking for a reliable vape system. Sadly, the SMOK NOVO X is not compatible with the previous NOVO Pods, but has its own set of 0.8ohm pods that make it a class of its own. Check out our previous coverage of the SMOK Novo Series.

Lost Vape’s entry onto this Top 10 List is one of my favorites. The Lost Vape URSA Quest is incredibly versatile in its many different usages. Developed to encompass all styles of vaping, the Lost Vape URSA Quest can act as a pod mod system or full box mod starter kit. With a variety of accessories, the URSA Quest can utilize the included quick-release pods or switch to an adapter to allow for the use of your favorite sub-ohm tank or rebuildable atomizer. With adjustable wattage ranging between 5-100W, the single battery configuration will lend substantial power for use throughout the day and even includes a temperature control suite to allow advanced users to tailor their own perfect vape. Utilizing a new generation of Quest Chip within, the Lost Vape URSA can remember up to 3 user memories and outputs in a hard, normal, or soft function. In addition, the strong compatibility with both the UB and UB Pro coils are outstanding in producing flavor and vapor. Take a deeper look into the Lost Vape URSA from our previous product review.

The Vaporesso SWAG PX80 Pod Mod System effortlessly holds a place in this top 10 list. Outfitted with a single high-amp battery, this pod system can output up to 80W and utilizes the superior GTX Coil Series. The Swag PX80 is great for beginners and advanced users alike, demonstrating its versatility and flexibility via coil support and intelligent resistance detection that suggests a wattage range with each coil installed. Its diminutive form factor and chassis construction make it a pleasure to view and use, while the magnetic pod has a nifty system that prevents eJuice from escaping when facilitating a coil change. With built-in airflow control, this Pod Mod can be used as an MTL or DTL vape depending on the coil installed and airflow setting.

Next in this Top 10 list is the Suicide Mods Abyss AIO. With its amazing CNC aluminum construction, the sleek minimalist lines and superior craftsmanship make the ABYSS AIO in itself, a masterpiece. With the included tank, the ABYSS AIO can deliver delicious flavor from Aspire Nautilus Coils. However, with a few add-ons, the Suicide Mods Abyss can expand its range of useable coils to include the EUC, GTX, Nord, PnP, and Caliburn G Coil Series with a set of bridges that are sold separately. This incredible degree of versatility makes for one of the best vape systems on this top 10 list. Check out the Suicide Mods ABYSS AIO in our previous post.

The Drag X by VOOPOO is a highly regarded pod mod system, delivering up to 80W of output when paired with a high-amp 18650 battery. The simple form-factor makes it a stellar vape for beginners but includes features that make it a solid choice for advanced vapers as well. With an adjustable infinite airflow control ring, the Drag X offers both MTL or DTL vaping, catering to both camps and their preference. It’s ability to utilize coils from the PnP coil series means that it has plenty of coil support, allowing vapers to find the best coil for their favorite flavors of eJuice or nicotine salt.

VOOPOO’s second entry to this list would be the Drag MAX. Marketed as the smallest dual 18650 battery box mod, the Drag Max can output up to 177W easily, providing a SMART wattage mode to match resistance from any of the installed coils. Holding up to 4.5mL of eJuice within the pod, the Drag Max can deliver outstanding flavor from the PnP Coil Series, installed in a press-fit manner. Fitted with a Type-C USB charging port, the Drag MAX can be charged on-the-go with a cable or using an external battery charger for better efficiency.

Geek Vape brings to the table the Aegis Boost Pro, a single battery pod mod kit that delivers outstanding performance with 5-100W output range, temperature control suite, and 6mL eJuice capacity. Rated IP67, the Aegis Boost Pro is protected against intrusion of dust, water, and shock from messing with the delicate internal systems. Utilizing the Geek Vape P Coil Series, users have the choice between a 0.2ohm or 0.4ohm Mesh Coil for delivering delicious flavor and vapor. With optional RDTA Pods or 510 adapter, the Boost Pro is ideal for those that like to DIY and want to try their hand in building advanced coil configurations.

The second Geek Vape product on our Top 10 Vaping list is the Geek Vape Aegis HERO. Utilizing an integrated1200mAh battery, the battery of the Aegis HERO is sufficient to last throughout the day, but can be charged via USB Port. The Geek Vape Aegis Hero is perfect for those that do not like to keep spare batteries on them, ideal for the minimalist or those that are constantly on-the-go and do not want extraneous items weighing them down. The diminutive size, coupled with the IP67 rating and the Geek Vape B Coils, makes this a highly-rated device that is impervious to the things life can throw at you.

Although these next two products didn’t make it into our Top 10 List, they still carry strong merit to be honorable mentions. First one is the Vaporesso LUXE PM40, a strong pod system that contains a 1800mAh battery that fully charges in an hour via Type-C USB Port. Situating an OLED Display Screen on the side with adjustable wattage, this pod system is great for those looking for a solid backup vape or workhorse that can follow you throughout the day. Outfitted with a 4mL pod capacity, the top fill system eliminates the potential for leaks and works great with the Vaporesso GTX Coil series to produce superb vapor and flavor from your favorite nicotine salt.

Another honorable mention is the Suorin AIR Pro Pod System, maintaining the card-shaped design of the original Suorin AIR, the Pro version keeps the same firing systems and layout, but upgrades the internal battery and pod capacity to make the device last throughout the day. Suorin understands, when something is good, either make it better or leave it alone, and they’ve definitely hit that mark with the release of the Suorin Air PRO Pod System. With multiple dazzling colorways, this simple pod system delivers outstanding performance and functionality in an easy to use chassis.

Thanks for tuning into our latest top 10 post. With manufacturers beginning to produce more and more vape products, we hope this list can help you find the best pod system for you. With all their respective pros and cons, finding the one that suits your own vaping style and preferences is hard, but this list should help narrow it down. Comment below if there are any other pod systems you feel should have been included in this list. Feel free to contact our superb customer service team if you have any other questions or inquiries.

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