Guide to Advanced Vaping Modes

Vaping is a niche that entails many things. Sure there are simple disposable vapes that can be used without intimate knowledge or expertise. However, with the technological advances in the industry, vaping can be more finely tuned than smoking, offering various modes of operation for vaping outputs. Many of these modes can be adjusted by connecting the mod to a computer, but some models allow for the adjustments to take place solely on the mod itself, thanks to an intelligent chipset.

Let’s check out the various operating modes offered by major manufacturers available and see if we can demystify these advanced vaping modes. Listed after each advanced vaping mode are examples that include the mode discussed.


Bypass mode is, by far, the simplest of advanced vaping modes. Removing wattage and voltage output, Bypass Mode allows the user to utilize the mod like a mechanical mod, designating output to correlate with the level of charge within the battery. Users can utilize the mod like a mechanical mod, without losing any protections or safeties that make modern vaping safer than the early days of vaping. One example of Bypass Mode can be found on the SMOK MAG 225W Starter Kit.

Curve Mode

Curve Mode is a set choreographed performance of the output value. Set somewhere between variable wattage and temperature control, curve mode allows for wattage outputs to be preset, mapped, and guided by the user. For example, some vapers may like the coil to initially hit hard, firing at 50W for the first second, dropping to 45W after half a second and then a further drop to 40W after another half second for a smoother finish. This gives a personalized feel to output, allowing the user to set a preference to how they take a draw of the vape, resulting in a less harsh or stronger output depending on the mapped settings. An example of Curve Mode cann be found in the Innokin MVP5 AJAX Box Mod.

Pulse Mode

Pulse Mode works by constantly cutting off and sending current to the coil repeatedly to control the output of the vape. Intelligent chipsets within allow for this, as they can constantly adjust the input power multiple times within a second. This ensures the coil never heats past a set value, instead pulsing the coil to control the output. Similar to curve mode, but is not choreographed or mapped. The Vaporesso GEN Starter Kit is a great example of an easy to use Pulse Mode.

Temperature Control

Temperature control has been offered for vapes for some time, but many of us rely on simple wattage or voltage adjustments for our vaping outputs. Working in conjunction with nickel, titanium, and stainless steel wires, temperature control is technically a temperature limiting mode, checking the resistance of the wire and adjusting or cutting off the delivery of electricity to the heating element to ensure the temperature does not exceed the temperature value set. This allows the mod to prevent excessive temperatures that would otherwise cause the cotton to burn while ensuring that only eJuice is vaporized. The output is carefully calculated and adjusted to maintain the temperature of the coil. Temperature Control can be found on many vapes, with the Snowwolf Zephyr and the Uwell Nunchaku Kits being a great example of an easy to use TC Mode.

TCR Mode – Temperature Coefficient of Resistance

Basically a slightly more advanced form of temperature control, temperature coefficient of resistance measures the change in resistance of the wire as a current is run through it to set a temperature limit. Wire compositions have different resistances and change differently as electricity flows through it. The TCR Mode setting assigns a value to each type of wire composition and adjusts the power supplied to ensure the temperature coefficient does not exceed the preset value. KA wire does not reliably change, therefore, TCR Mode should only be used with consistent nickel, titanium, or stainless steel wire compositions for reliable and accurate performance. A prime example of TCR Mode can be found on the Geek Vape Aegis Legend Box Mod.

Super Player Mode – Vaporesso

Technically not a temperature controlling mode, Super Player Mode is offered by Vaporesso products with the OMNI Board 4.0 chipset, granting the box mod a lower or higher operating resistance range, suitable for those that like to build their own coils or like extreme sub-ohm vaping. Careful consideration should be given, especially when vaping below the lower end of the resistance range, ensuring the batteries are within safe operating limits and conditions. Some box mods that are equipped with the Omni Board 4.0 Chipset are the Vaporesso Luxe & Luxe-S Starter Kits.

Hopefully with this guide, we have demystified the advanced vaping modes that are offered on the vaping market segment while encouraging those that are ready to try out the more advanced features offered by manufacturers. Please feel free to contact our helpful customer service team if you have any questions regarding any of the modes mentioned above. Check out our site and blog at for more useful information regarding all things vape related.

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