Guide: Proper Care & Maintenance of Vaping Equipment

Vaping, on the surface, is a fairly simple practice. Buy a device, get some eJuice, prime the coil or pod, and enjoy. However, just like other hobbies or activities, certain things must be done to upkeep optimal flavor, vapor, and performance. For example, pianos and guitars must be tuned, tennis racquets must be restrung, and athletes must warm up. This holds true for vaping as the equipment needed for vaping needs occasional maintenance and care for the best performance and function. Let’s look at the common items that vapers use and see how we can take care of them to ensure the best vaping experience possible.

Box Mod maintenance is very straightforward. Although they are sometimes packed with features and options, those tend to be software based, not requiring maintenance. However, physically, they should not be dropped often as the shock from a fall or drop can jeopardize the integrity of the internal connections or any hinged doors, magnets, or buttons. Falls and drops can also degrade the quality of any IP protection rating given to a device, rendering them susceptible to intrusion of water, dust, or any potentially harmful things. To learn more about IP ratings, check out our blog on IP Rating Explained. One potential thing to look out for is any foreign materials on the 510 connection that could prevent an optimal connection to the atomizer. On the external chassis, if a leaky tank or messy refill spreads juice all over, a simple damp napkin or wet wipe can remedy the problem and help clean the device. Use a Q-Tip for more precise cleaning in hard to reach areas. Squonking Box Mods require the same care as box mods, but include an additional step. The squonk bottle or container should be cleaned and fully dried when switching flavors, as any residual eJuice or water can alter the flavor of a newly loaded eJuice. In addition, be sure to clean the area the squonk bottle is loaded into due to the susceptibility of leaked eJuice. For more information, check out our In-depth Guide to Squonking Devices.

Tanks should be cleaned every two weeks, fully disassembling the tank’s structure for a thorough cleaning. This prevents any residual eJuice or a previously burnt coil from contaminating a new flavor or coil that has been loaded or installed. Tanks can be cleaned with warm water if the only problem is old eJuice. If a burnt coil is the issue, a deeper clean with stronger agents like vinegar, ethanol, or even cheap vodka can be used to ensure a clean tank. Just be sure to rinse and dry the cleaning agent completely. Some people like to wipe the tank down while others prefer to soak the disassembled tank. One thing to be aware of is switching out the coil for sub-ohm tanks. Coils can be changed in a time-based manner or when performance or flavor begins to slip. There is no right or wrong amount of time to do coil changes, it is solely based on frequency of use. One good rule of thumb to follow is to just check the coil by using a light to peer into the coil head. If the coil is darkening considerably or even burnt, you definitely know it’s time to change the coil. In addition, if the flavor is weakening or compromised, it’s a good sign to change the coil, cause why even waste eJuice if you are not enjoying the taste. Note, that when traveling by air, up mountains, or in hotter conditions, eJuice can leak out due to the decrease in viscosity by hotter temperatures or by the increased barometric pressure from elevation. Check out our blog on Troubleshooting Leaky Tanks for more information.

Rebuildables require a good amount of maintenance and care, but chances are, if you own a rebuildable, you already are willing to do it. The DIY nature of rebuildables means most are used by seasoned or performance oriented vapers, granting them the ability to produce extensive clouds or intense flavor with their own coil constructs. As they are self-built, the coil configuration and wicking medium inside should still be monitored and changed accordingly, following the rules of a tank’s coil. Cotton or any other wicking medium should be changed in a timely manner to ensure the best flavor and performance of the eJuice. As they are used, coils should be examined on occasion to look for signs of gunk. A gunked up coil will have carbon deposits on it from vaping and will affect the heating ability and vapor production. Luckily, they can be cleaned with a stainless steel wire brush and dry fired without the wicking material. The rebuildable build deck and top cap can be cleaned with warm water or other cleaning agents like a sub-ohm tank, just be sure to clean, rinse, and fully dry before installing and using again.

Vape Juice is the quintessential part of vaping that is needed for all types of vaping. Properly storing eJuice is the most important part, ensuring the eJuice or nicotine inside does not degrade or deteriorate. Like wine, eJuice is best kept in a cool dry place, avoiding direct sunlight and should be used before the expiration date. Some people like to steep their eJuice, similarly to aging wine, but not nearly as long. To find out more, check out our blog post on Oxidation of E-Juice & Flavor to find out how to properly store and steep eJuice, as well as why it turns to a darker color. Storage bottles for eJuice should definitely be cleaned when filling a new flavor to prevent contaminating the new eJuice with any older flavors.

Batteries should be taken care of as they power the vapes that we use. This stored power can be dangerous if not properly maintained. Check the wraps occasionally and practice proper battery care, as outlined in our blog post, Battery Care & Maintenance Guide. Batteries should not be stored in hot conditions, like a car, and should be stored in a cool dark area. On the other hand, battery chargers do not require maintenance, but should be taken care of. Constantly monitored, they should be placed on a solid table away from vibrations or on the floor to prevent dropping, as well as, away from any flammable materials. Dropping a battery charger can compromise the internal mechanisms and safeties, resulting in a broken charger.

We hope, with this maintenance and care guide, that your vaping journey will be extremely rewarding and free of troubles. Just like our health, preventative care is better than curative fixes and repairs. Just a little effort can prevent a world of headaches, eliminating many of the potential problems that vapers can encounter. Juices should taste better and vaping equipment should perform better and safely with these small extra steps taken into account. If you have any questions feel free to contact our remarkable customer service team and they will gladly assist you. Please check out our website and blog to keep up to date with all things vape-related, as well as our extensive line of products. Let us know in the comments below if you encounter any other issues or problems with vaping.

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