Evolv DNA Chipped Mods Explained

Vaping on the surface is incredibly simple. Maintaining a juiced sub-ohm tank, setting the proper wattage, and pressing a button while inhaling is the easiest parts. But as you get deeper into the vaping rabbit hole, things can get exponentially more complicated. Building rebuildable atomizers, understanding Ohm’s Law, and twisting your own coils can make vaping incredibly difficult to grasp for the uninitiated. One thing you might notice as you progress into vaping is the term or word, Evolv DNA. Evolv DNA is the name for a chipset line from Evolv Vapor, a management system for the internal workings of your vape. Not every vape device has one, but these chipsets help unlock the full potential of a vaping device when held in competent hands.

Evolv Vapor is a company that designs and manufactures regulated and temperature limiting chipsets for vaping devices, offering total control over the output of your vape device. Designed for the advanced vaper, these DNA-chipped devices offer a safe and consistent vaping experience with an extremely high degree of customization. With varying chipset models, they can be found in many high end devices, delivering greater precision and performance than your run-of-the-mill box mod.

Although many vape mods are similar in shape and style, the DNA chipset is one of the most advanced on the market. In the more technical side of advanced vaping, factors like resistance, voltage, and temperature, all come into play and can be hard to keep track of when searching for the optimal settings for producing ideal vapor. With the DNA Chipset, these factors are all accounted for and are incredibly accurate to 97%. This level of accuracy ensures a great vaping experience when utilizing temperature control, granting high precision in the temperature measurement of the heating element. With the ability to limit the temperature of the coil, properly set DNA Chipsets can prevent burning of the heating element and wicking material altogether, if the atomizer is and remains properly juiced. In addition, the DNA Chipset is incredibly efficient, using a minimal amount of power that translates to more time vaping.

Evolv Vapor also provides software called EScribe for use with Windows PCs. Allowing the user to manage all the details of the DNA Board installed within your vaping device. From simple customization like changing the background picture, EScribe allows the user to change virtually every aspect of the vape. Some more advanced features of the EScribe software allows the user to load in custom coil setting profiles to match certain coils, providing optimal vapor output from different tanks, coils, or rebuildable atomizers. Safety settings like max vaping time can be adjusted to give longer or shorter hits to avoid burning the coil. In addition, Evolv Vapor includes a software simulator to allow users to tinker with the software before making changes to their device to become more familiar with the software suite.

One drawback of the DNA Chipset is that it is quite costly. Many box mods equipped with a DNA chipset tend to run higher than $100. For example, the DOVPO ODIN 200W Box Mod comes with a DNA version and Non-DNA Version, with the price difference being nearly double. However, these box mods also happen to be luxurious models, constructed in a higher class of craftsmanship, limited numbers, or premium materials. Just like expensive wine or clothing, these high-end detailings take more time and care in producing a high quality product. The advanced chipset within has its own set of costs and that price must be paid for those that want to experience the higher quality features that the chipset offers. (Reword)

We hope this guide to Evolv’s DNA Chip line has shed some light on the potential and vastly superior features that they offer. If you have any questions, please contact our excellent customer service team. Feel free to check out our blog and website for more information, as well as, our comprehensive line of vaping products.

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