Dual 18650 Pod Mod Systems

Back in 2019, if I heard someone say dual 18650 pod mod, I’d figure it was just another silly made up phrase for box mod. However, dual 18650 pod mods are now a thing. When the phrase “pod mod” is mentioned, a device like the Voopoo Vinci Series comes to mind. Most of those devices feature a single or integrated battery. However, two manufacturers, SMOK and Artery Vapor have released some interesting pod mod kits that utilize a dual battery configuration. There are pros and cons to these devices but they are a new frontier in the vaping industry. Let’s take a deeper look into the SMOK RPM160 and the Artery Vapor Nugget GT Pod Systems and the benefits and cons of the new dual 18650 pod mod systems available on the vaping market segment today.

Dual 18650 Pod Mod Systems have incredibly high wattage ceilings and are incredibly similar to box mods with their outputs and features. However, the biggest differentiating factor for pod mods is the lack of a 510 connection to facilitate the pairing of tanks, as pod mod systems mainly utilize refillable pods. When used with a pod and prebuilt coil, these dual 18650 pod mods cannot use the full extent of their wattage range, though offerings are made by the company to facilitate a tank connection to make full use of the higher wattage ceiling. Similarities between the Artery Vapor NUGGET GT and SMOK RPM160 are that both use a dual 18650 layout, and offer ample power to reach the 200W and 160W ceiling respectively. Looking at the two devices, they are very similar. At the top of each pod mod kit is a refillable pod. The Artery Vapor NUGGET GT can hold up to 8mL within the pod, refilled from the bottom. The SMOK RPM160 can hold up to 7.5mL, refilled from the top. Both of these pods utilize a replaceable coil system, replicating a sub-ohm tank with replaceable coil.

One cool feature about these pod mod systems is the ability to pair with the 510 threaded tanks when equipped with a 510 adapter, that is usually sold separately. Coupled with the high wattage ceiling, the 510 adapter opens up the doorway for usage with rebuildable tanks or atomizers. These dual 18650 pod mods are great for vapers that would like to switch between a pod system or rebuildable options, or for those that use both nicotine salts in pod systems and freebase eJuice within a rebuildable dripping atomizer. This single type of device offers two kinds of systems, instead of needing to buy a pod system and box mod separately for each style of vaping, bridging the gap between pod system and box mod effortlessly.

These dual 18650 pod mod systems are smaller than most box mods, upkeeping a compact profile. In addition, the amount of material used to construct the pod mod system is more lightweight with just the batteries being the main source of weightiness. However, the lack of weight or size does not diminish these new pod mod’s vaping abilities, and in the near future, capabilities normally found on box mods may become the norm in pod mod systems like temperature control and wattage adjustment curves. This will be an exciting feature to see on the pod mod systems as it will increase the versatility and customization available on these types of vaping systems.

Dual 18650 Pod Mod Systems seem to be the next advancement in the vaping industry. With their versatility and functions, they definitely work for those that are on the go, and love using a myriad of different styles of vapes. The increased battery life rivals box mods, as they are essentially powered the same, but the portability and smaller profile adapt to when you are on the go. If you have any questions in regards to pod mod systems, or any of the devices above, please feel free to contact our excellent customer service team. Visit our website and blog to keep up with all things vape-related.

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