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Rebuildable Atomizers are an incredibly niche vaping apparatus. With general society mainly switching to pod systems, disposable eCigs, or sub-ohm tanks, rebuildable atomizers have fallen in popularity due to the time and knowledge needed to properly use them to their fullest capacities. To be truthful, as I am writing this, I am utilizing a pod system with nicotine salts myself, but I feel rebuildable atomizers arguably deliver the best vapor quality in terms of flavor and density, unrivaled by even the best pod systems or sub-ohm tanks. The larger coils and the shortened direct airflow path boosts flavor and vapor quality to unparalleled heights, something vaping enthusiasts and cloud chasers can definitely agree with. One brand of rebuildable atomizers, Vaperz Cloud has created a line of atomizers that takes and raises the bar even higher for rebuildable atomizers, delivering superb flavor in well-constructed atomizers.

Hailing from across the pond, Vaperz Cloud is a UK-based vaping company formed in 2019, that has been consistently producing great vaping apparatus, as well as collaborating with some other vape brands to create quality products, like the DOVPO ODIN Series. The extensive thought process given to the many levels and aspects of design and quality of craftsmanship has given birth to some great products. Recognized by ECIGCLICK in 2019 for their Asgard & Asgard Mini RDA’s in the Best RBA Category, Vaperz Cloud has quite the line of rebuildable atomizers with superior elements and design, bringing a (huge) breath of fresh air to the rebuildable atomizer segment of the vaping market. Of course, they do not relegate themselves to simply atomizers, as Vaperz Cloud has a quality line of mechanical mods and box mods as well. However, this blog is focused on the atomizer side of the company so let’s take a look at some of their products that we currently carry, with more to come in the future.

Vaperz Cloud Asgard 30mm & Asgard Mini 25mm BF RDA

The award-winning Asgard & Asgard Mini RDA’s are a pair of monstrous dual coil rebuildable dripping atomizers with squonk capabilities. Where most vape companies RDA’s largest size is 24, 25, or 26mm, Vaperz Cloud considers that the Mini size. With the Asgard Mini essentially a downsized version of the Asgard, the full-fledged Asgard RDA clocks in at an impressive 30mm. With a large postless build deck, this RDA is sure to be a hit amongst builders as there is plenty of space to maneuver and adjust installed coils set into the 2.5mm x 3mm deck terminals without running into any posts. 10mm deep juice wells sit beneath the coils, preventing dry hits, granting forgivable user experience should be forgotten. Airflow is ventilated from the top side via 48-hole intake holes spread across both sides, and travels at a 30 degree angle underneath the installed coil structure to pull every bit of flavor through the drip tip onto the tongue.

Vaperz Cloud x Suicide Mods Valhalla 28mm BF RDA

Created in collaboration with Suicide Mods, the Valhalla is a blend of two of their respective creations, taking the Nightmare RDA Deck with a Valhalla Top Cap. Although it can be confusing as Vaperz Cloud has another Valhalla (and a Valhalla V2 in their repertoire), this collaboration utilizes the deck from the Suicide Mods Nightmare RDA. The build deck is a two-post build deck, sporting dual sided dedicated airflow channels that ventilate directly beneath the installed coils to maximize vapor and flavor outputs. The Valhalla 28mm top cap is fitted with a dual sided 44-hole adjustable airflow intake system that allows the user to meter the airflow precisely to their liking. At the base is a threaded 510 connection with a quick release squonk pin to grant users the ability to utilize the Valhalla and Nightmare RDA combination on a squonking box mod to make full use of the 7mm deep juice wells that flank the build deck.

Vaperz Cloud Trilogy 30mm RTA

The Vaperz Cloud Trilogy RTA is a dual coil rebuildable tank atomizer for those that do not like dripping as much. Retaining the design elements that are showcased on the Asgard, the Trilogy RTA is the tank capacity variant of that RDA. Efficiently eliminating the need to constantly drip juice onto coils, or squonking juice to wet cotton, the Trilogy RTA upkeeps the many features of the Asgard RDA, such as the 30mm diameter, large deck terminals, and large central airflow layout, but includes a 2mL juice capacity that can be upgraded to hold up to 5mL in the bubble glass. Although the build deck area has been decreased to make space for the tank portion, the 22mm build deck does not sacrifice flavor or vapor production as half the build deck is the airflow ventilation to maximize output.

These are just three of the offerings we currently carry by Vaperz Cloud, with more on the way. Their amazing track record and satisfying atomizers leave us excited to see what else comes our way from this great company. We also carry some items from their collaborating brands like Suicide Mods such as the Nightmare RDA, with the Ether RTA in the near future. Please feel free to contact our helpful customer service team for more information or to field any questions regarding our product lines and brands we carry, or they will at least point you in the right direction. Stay tuned to our site or blog for all things vape-related and be sure to subscribe to our email list for up to date notifications on any restocks or promotions that we may be running.

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