2021 Top 10 Best Rebuildable Atomizers

As 2021 is closing out, things can get quite hectic. From buying gifts to attending functions with people you don’t particularly care about, the holiday season can be a bit less jolly and more tedious than many would expect. So we thought we would make it easier by providing a list of the Top 10 Best Rebuildable Atomizers of 2021 that can be used as a gift giving guide for the avid vaper in your life. Spanning rebuildable dripping atomizers to rebuildable tank atomizers, this list contains all our favorites from some of the best vaping manufacturers on the market. Written in no particular order, this list encompasses what we think are the best rebuildable atomizers that have graced us in 2021, and would gladly receive as gifts.

Hellvape starts this Top 10 list off with the Dead Rabbit V3 24mm RDA, a rebuildable dripping atomizer offering a novice friendly build deck. Equipped with four large posts, each with its own terminal, the build deck is easy to build on and can accept large or exotic coil leads. Equipped with a dual slotted airflow adjustable top cap, the Dead Rabbit V3 combines its features to deliver delicious flavor and vapor from your favorite eJuice. Outfitted with a bottom fed 510 squonk pin, the Dead Rabbit V3 RDA is the perfect RDA for pairing with any squonk mod on the vaping market segment.

Wotofo brings to this Top 10 List the Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh 28.5mm RDA, a beginner friendly rebuildable dripping atomizer. Instead of utilizing traditional coiled heating elements, the Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA uses mesh sheets. This usage of mesh sheets allows for simple installation, simply bending the sheet fit perfectly in the clamp-style build deck. Accepting two mesh sheets, this atomizer doubles the vapor output with each mesh sheet structure and is equipped with a central ceramic support to maintain reliable contact with the eJuice laden cotton. This makes building incredibly easy as coils do not need to be coiled or built.

Digiflavor has introduced the Digiflavor DROP V1.5 24mm RDA, a quad post rebuildable dripping atomizer that can support a dual coil configuration. Equipped with a single terminal per post, the Digiflavor DROP V1.5 RDA offers a forgiving build deck to accommodate beginner builders. Outfitted with a 5mm deep juice well, the Digiflavor DROP V1.5 RDA, delivers exceptional performance to match the quality of the design of the build deck. In addition, the Drop V1.5 RDA is equipped with a highly adjustable airflow control ring to allow users to find the perfect airflow rate for flavor development and production.

Damn Vape’s entry to this Top 10 List is the Damn Vape Nitrous 22mm RDA, one of the smaller RDA’s available on the market today. Although diminutive, this Nitrous comes with many features that make it incredibly versatile. With an intuitive build deck, the Nitrous RDA is simple and convenient to use, delivering a navigable build deck layout. Accommodating a single or dual coil configuration, the Nitrous RDA comes with two top caps, specific for the amount of coils installed. Furthermore, the Damn Vape Nitrous RDA can be paired with squonking mods to deliver eJuice from an external storage bottle directly to the installed coils and juice wicking medium for convenience.

Vandy Vape’s addition to this Top 10 list is the KYLIN Mini V2 25mm RTA. Featuring a postless build deck, 5mL capacity, and has a 270° coverage of airflow, the Vandy Vape Kylin Mini RTA is a high performance rebuildable tank atomizer in a smaller package. Although the build deck is a little tight and compact, it remains maneuverable, allowing for a single coil configuration. Utilizing dual honeycomb style top airflows, the Kylin Mini V2 RTA grants a 270° coverage, ventilating over the sides and bottom of the installed heating structure. In addition, the top airflow layout prevents any pesky leaks that can plague rebuildables.

Hellvape has a second entry onto this Top 10 List with the Fat RABBIT RTA. With a 28mm diameter, the Fat Rabbit RTA is not a smaller rebuildable tank atomizer. Holding up to 5.5mL of eJuice within, the Hellvape Fat Rabbit is large and offers a postless build deck that can accommodate a single or dual coil configuration. Equipped with a honeycomb style vent, the Fat Rabbit RTA draws in airflow from a multi-hole intake system, and can deliver exceptional performance and flavor from the installed coil structures.

Damn Vape’s second entry to this list is the Damn Vape DOOM X Mesh RTA. Offering the same configuration as the original DOOM RTA, the Mesh variant utilizes a simplified clamp style build deck to accommodate a single bent mesh sheet coil, making rebuilding incredibly fast and easy. Outfitted with a central ceramic cotton support system, the Doom X Mesh RTA pushes any installed wicking cotton directly against the heating element to prevent any burns or dry hits. In addition, the DOOM X Mesh RTA utilizes a triple airflow intake system to deliver superior airflow to the mesh heating structure within.

Yachtvape, a fairly young company within the vaping industry, brings us to the Eclipse RTA. Although young, the members behind the company are experienced with the ins and outs, building great rebuildable atomizers. On this top 10 list, the Eclipse RTA, created with the input of Youtuber Mike Vapes, delivers outstanding performance from a MTL RTA. Utilizing a postless build deck with 4 deck based terminals, the Eclipse RTA can accommodate a single coil to deliver outstanding flavor and vapor from your favorite eJuice. The open build deck makes building easier for novices and offers great flavor development thanks to the honeycomb airflows with less restrictions around the build deck.

Another collaboration atomizer, Wotofo brings to the table the Wotofo Profile 25mm RDTA. Created with input from the highly respected and experienced Mr.JustRight1, this RDTA captures many of the features that are desired by builders, while maintaining a beginner friendly layout. Holding up to 6.2mL of your favorite eJuice, the Profile possesses a rebuildable dripping tank atomizer layout, moving the build deck above the bottom tank section. Bridging the gap with 4 stainless steel braided wires, the eJuice finds its way up via capillary action to wet the wicking medium. Utilizing a postless clamp-style build deck, the Profile 25mm RDTA is perfect for those that love to build

Steam Crave, a vaping company renowned for their rebuildables, brings the Aromamizer Supreme V3 RDTA. With an incredibly versatile build deck and modular design elements, the Supreme V3 RDTA can deliver exceptional clouds of flavored vapor in the hands of experienced builder. Holding up 7mL of your favorite eJuice, the Supreme V3 RDTA utilizes a dual post build deck to accommodate a single coil, top secured via hex screws. Offered in a Basic or Advanced Version, the Supreme V3 RDTA can utilize a variety of spare build decks to cater to various preferences.

Although that concludes our Top 10 List of Rebuildables, there are a few honorable mentions we would like to include. These rebuildables are of top quality and could have made the list but were narrowly pushed out by the other rebuildables mentioned above. However, do not discount them as bad rebuildables, as they may be the next rebuildable you fall in love with.

Hailing from across the pond, Suicide Mods presents the Nightmare RDA. Offered in a 25mm or 28mm variant, the Nightmare RDA combines many of the features that great rebuildable dripping atomizers have. Accommodating a single or dual coil configuration, the Nightmare RDA features a dual post build deck top secured via flathead screws. Adopting a dual side airflow control top cap, the intake ventilates beneath the installed coil structures, allowing the Nightmare RDA to produce insane amounts of flavor and draws them directly to the tongue for flavor enjoyment. Pairing perfectly with any squonk mod, the hollow 510 pin can allow for the movement of eJuice directly to the cotton wicking medium.

Dovpo presents the Blotto Single Coil RTA, a 5mL capacity RTA that utilizes a half pipe style build deck with two posts. Accommodating a single coil, the Blotto Single Coil RTA calls upon a honeycomb style airflow system to deliver control airflow to 272° around the sides and bottom of the installed coil. This airflow system produces intense flavor and delivers a high degree of performance, granting superior flavor and vapor in a reduced size RTA.

OXVA’s entry to the honorable mention on this Top 10 List would be the OXVA Arbiter RTA. Holding up to 6mL of your favorite eJuice, this desirable rebuildable tank atomizer delivers an easy to use structure, using an elevated build deck with quad post design. This allows for the installation of a single or dual coil configuration, making this a great choice for those that want to cloud chase. Equipped with a dual slotted top airflow control ring, the OXVA Arbiter RTA is leakfree, intaking airflow from the top and ventilating it directly beneath the installed coil structures to deliver a fantastic amount of flavor and vapor.

Steam Crave’s second entry to this Top 10 List is an incredibly modular rebuildable dripping tank atomizer. Holding up to a whopping 18mL of eJuice within the tank section, the RAGNAR RDTA makes other tank style atomizers look pale in comparison. Adopting a multi-functional airflow control ring, the RAGNAR RDTA features a honeycomb airflow intake and other varieties to allow the user to find the ideal rate of airflow to produce the best flavor or vapor. In addition, the RAGNAR RDTA is offered in an advanced version, introducing additional Steam Crave rebuildable decks to suit the preferences of the user, making this the ideal rebuildable atomizer if versatility is key.

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