2020 Top 10 Vape Starter Kits

Starter Kits and Box Mods hold a special place in many older vapers’ lives. For those that have been vaping for 3-5 years and more, starter kits are where many vapers began. Starter Kits are a key pillar in the vaping community, giving birth to or influencing many newer products that are found in many vaper’s collections. From pod systems to pod mod systems, the pros and cons of starter kits gave way to the many innovations within the vaping market segment, thus starter kits must be seen as the influencing factor of many vapes and vaping devices in the market. Today, we will be taking a look at 2020’s Top 10 Starter Kits and the features that elevated them onto this list to hopefully give beginner vapers an idea of what is available, and advanced users a potential new starter kit to add to the collection. This list is in no particular order and may showcase some older items due to the lack of releases from the effects of the global pandemic.

Geek Vape’s entry in this list is the Aegis X Starter Kit. Although a bit older than 2020, the Aegis X brought much to the table in terms of what is desired in a starter kit. Built with the signature Aegis IP67 rating, the Ingress Protection is great for the accident-prone and protects against intrusion of water, dust, or shock from drops and falls. Coming with a temperature control suite, the Aegis X can be used by beginner vapers with the installed Cerberus Tank, or used with a different atomizer for those that love to build. With a Zeus Tank variant available, the Aegis X is a surefire choice for this starter kit list.

A secondary Geek Vape item, the Aegis MAX is from 2020, releasing with a Zeus Tank as a standard tank, the Aegis MAX is essentially a single battery variant of the Aegis X Starter Kit. Compatible with both 18650 and 21700 batteries, the Aegis MAX Starter Kit can deliver up to 100W of power, while maintaining the other features that make the Aegis heritage great. Temperature control options and a IP67 rating help make this a stellar vaping starter kit for those that do not want to marry their batteries, or are looking for a lower weight starter kit, while maintaining the shock, dust, and waterproofing.

SMOK comes into this list with the G-PRIV 3 Starter Kit, a dual battery vaping system with highlights like a touch screen and lockable fire button to prevent underage use. In addition, the locking system helps prevent accidental firing that can burn the coil, a feature that is useful for vapers that have lost good coils to accidental pocket firing. Furthermore, the G-PRIV 3 Kit is offered with the TFV16 Lite Tank, a mesh coil tank that can output delicious flavor and vapor at the press of a button as well as a temperature control suite for those that are looking to upgrade the atomizer to something that can help regulate output more consistently.

SMOK also brings to the table the SCAR-18 Starter Kit, a serious contender to this top 10 list. Constructed in a dust, shock, and waterproof manner, the SCAR-18 Kit delivers high functionality in the harshest environments, and looks damn good doing so. Paired with the new SMOK TFV9 Sub-Ohm Tank, this starter kit is easy on beginner vapers, but also features a temperature control suite for more advanced users or for those beginner vapers that would like to take their hand at building coils on different atomizers. With an entirely new set of mesh coils, heating is rapid and near-instantaneous, while also accepting coils from the SMOK TFV8 Baby Mesh Coils.

Vaporesso brings about the GEN S Starter Kit, a revamp of the legendary original GEN Starter Kit. Implementing a new tank, the Vaporesso NRG-S Sub-Ohm Tank, the GEN-S leaves the SKRR-S Tank behind in favor of the NRG GT Coils that deliver better flavor and vapor with much more options for different vapers. With 8 different coil options, the NRG GT Coil Series is sure to have a coil that pairs well with your vaping preferences. With the AXON Chipset at the helm, the Vaporesso GEN-S offers plenty of firing modes for the user, like Pulse Mode that boosts power every 0.02s, and includes a temperature control suite if the user would like to switch to rebuildable atomizer options over the standard NRG-S Tank.

 A second Vaporesso starter kit, the LUXE 2 is also a revamp of the original LUXE Starter Kit. With the original LUXE and LUXE-S being discontinued by Vaporesso, they had to find a suitable replacement, giving birth to the Vaporesso LUXE 2 Starter Kit. Coming with the NRG-S Tank, the LUXE 2 Starter Kit brings plenty of features to the table, offering a vast array of firing modes, thanks to the AXON chipset offering up to 220W of output. Shying away from the QF Coil Series in favor of the better Vaporesso NRG GT Mesh Coils, the different users of the LUXE 2 will appreciate the coil selections available.

VOOPOO’s entry into this starter kit list is the Drag Refresh Series. Keeping the same legendary Drag Box Mod, VOOPOO has paired the box mod with a new pod tank that has PnP Coil compatibility. Instead of utilizing the UFORCE tank and coils, the PnP Pod Tank makes changing of coils much easier and refills are done effortlessly. With the vast array of PnP coils and their compatibility with other Voopoo products, finding a coil that works well with your vaping style is easy and the Pod Tank can be used in a variety of other Voopoo vaping systems like the Voopoo Drag S or X, effortlessly.

Voopoo’s second entry to this list is the Argus GT Starter Kit, offering up to 160W of output and is paired with the heralded PnP Pod Tank and its plethora of PnP Replacement Coils. For those with multiple Voopoo devices, the Pod Tank can function as a sub-ohm tank when used with the 510 threaded airflow adapter or it can be installed on pod mod devices like the DRAG S or DRAG X for a more portable system without any auxiliary vaping equipment. Utilizing a pair of 18650 batteries, the Argus GT Kit can swap out the pod tank with rebuildable options to make full use of the included temperature control suite.

Innokin’s entry into this top 10 list is the MVP5 AJAX Starter Kit. More than just a vaping starter kit, the MVP5 AJAX Starter Kit offers a thermometer, barometer, altimeter, and compass for orientation of when the user needs to know more about where they are. The clean but rugged chassis design helps set this starter kit apart from other vape devices. Aside from the conventional vaping specs, the MVP5 AJAX also offers a spacious 5200mAh battery that can power the integrated LED flashlight, as well as doubling as a powerbank for other devices. Paired with the AJAX Tank, the MVP5 can go wherever you go and still output deliciously flavored vapor. 

Uwell brings in the Nunchaku 2 Starter Kit as their entry into this top 10 list. Formed from durable stainless steel, it maintains the feel of mechanical mods but with added protections that make vaping much more safer than the early days of vaping. In addition,  the stainless steel construction offers a stronger chassis while significantly reducing weight. Equipped with a 6-axis motion sensor, the Nunchaku 2 utilizes a single button for firing. Adjustments to vaping variables like wattage are done by shaking or tilting the Nunchaku 2 to set the desired values. Compatible with 18650, 20700, and 21700 batteries, the included battery sleeves help fill the battery slot, allowing for up to 100W output.

Some honorable mentions include the Freemax MAXUS 200W Starter Kit, a great beginner vape starter kit, powered by the FM Chip-Maxus 1.0 Chipset, allowing users to install batteries in any direction. With the ability to utilize a single battery or dual battery configuration, the MAXUS 200W Starter Kit will output up to 80W or 200W, respectively. Equipped with a temperature control function, the MAXUS 200W is great for beginners or advanced users that want to build their own coils. Paired with the Maxus Pro Tank, the mesh coils offer a high degree of flavored vapor output that is sure to satisfy.

The Sigelei 213 FOG Kit is an honorable mention to this list with the pairing of the Sigelei FOG Tank. With a high degree of compatibility with the PnP Coil Series and Omni Vape Coils, Sigelei did well by revamping the older Sigelei 213 Starter Kit to offer more options for coils should the FOG Coils become inaccessible. The IFV960 Chipset delivers up to 200W of output should the user decide to switch to a rebuildable atomizer option to make full use of the high wattage ceiling.

With these honorable mentions, this concludes the 2020 Top 10 Vape Starter Kits with these wonderful vaping starter kit options. We hope this list has been helpful in finding a great vaping system as we’ve highlighted the significant features on these starter kits combinations. Please feel free to check out our other blog posts on 2020’s Top Pod Systems and Rebuildables for more information on this year’s top vaping products. Check out our blog and website for all things vape-related and don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable customer service team to field any questions or inquiries that you may have.

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