2020 Top 10 Rebuildables Atomizers

Rebuildable Atomizers are a core pillar of the vaping community, offering advanced users of the vaping niche the ability to calibrate every aspect of their atomizer, tailoring the vapor output to their exact preferences. A true shining example of DIY customization, rebuildables are not for the lazy, require intimate knowledge of Ohm’s Law, and plenty of patience, but reward the dedicated and creative with arguably the best performance of any vaping system at a wallet friendly price. Listed in no particular order, these are the top 10 best vape rebuildables of 2020, with the inclusion of older rebuildables, due to the smaller pool of releases during the COVID pandemic.

Wotofo’s Profile V1.5 RDA is a solid choice for beginner builders and advanced users alike. Equipped with a ton of useful features, the Profile V1.5 RDA utilizes a dual clamp system with mesh sheet coils. The grooved central ceramic cotton support ensures proper cotton contact to the installed mesh sheet, while a bottom squonk pin allows for juicing on-the-go when paired with a squonk mod. Be sure the check out the original Profile RDA to see where the improvements and upgraded features came from.

Hellvape is at it again with a revamp of their Original Dead Rabbit RDA. Making improvements to the airflow control system and coil mounting surface, the Dead Rabbit V2 RDA offers better functionality and quality of life features that smooth out hassles of  the building process. The original Dead Rabbit RDA was a stellar vaping rebuildable, Hellvape just had to go and make it better. Equipped with a squonking BF 510 pin, this RDA is a sure addition to any vape collection.

The little brother of the Award Winning ASGARD RDA, Vaperz Cloud has created a no-frills flavor delivery system called the Asgard Mini RDA. Offering a single or dual coil layout, the build deck features 4 terminals set into the face of the build deck, simplifying coil installations. This straightforward design ensures excellent connectivity and vapor production that is immediately delivered to the flavor centers of the tongue. With squonking capabilities and massive airflow intake, the Asgard Mini RDA has earned a spot on this list of Best Rebuildable Vape Atomizers.

Created in collaboration with El Mono Vapeador, this beauty-ringed rebuildable works just as good as it looks. Outputting vapor with a single coil configuration, the Requiem RDA is the MTL lover’s dream, focusing heavily on flavor production that is facilitated by the three different airflow top caps included. The variety of airflow top caps grant the user the ability to select the best amount of airflow that maximizes flavor production and suits their particular vaping style. With an easy-to-build deck layout, the Vandy Vape Requiem RDA can be used in squonking configurations to great effect.

The Innokin Ares 2 RTA is a rebuildable tank atomizer, offering a high degree of customization, granting the user two independent airflow control options while outputting superior flavor in a MTL manner. Airflow is managed via an adjustable MTL ring with 6 different airflow settings paired with a deck based airflow that ventilates directly beneath the installed coil for excellent flavor production. Playing host to a floating build deck, the Ares 2 RTA can deliver plenty of vapor from its single coil, funneling intense flavor through the conical deck cap. Holding up to 4mL within the confines of the tank, squonking or dripping is not needed to continually extract flavor from your favorite eJuice.

The King of Airflow, the Dovpo BLOTTO Mini RTA offers superior flavor creation, thanks to the dual slotted bottom airflow ring that ventilates to 242° of coverage surrounding the installed coils. Operating in a single or dual coil configuration, the Blotto Mini RTA can hold up to 4mL of eJuice equating to plenty of flavorful vaping and vapor output.

Geek Vape’s Zeus line of atomizers need no introduction, as they’ve made a name for themselves due to the superior performance and leak-free top airflow design. However, Geek Vape decided to update the already legendary Zeus lineage with superior mesh sheet coils for even heating and excellent vapor production, while maintaining compatibility with traditional twisted coils. Installed in a clamp system with a spring-loaded central cotton support, the Zeus X Mesh RTA can deliver easy-installation for beginner vapers looking for advanced functionality.

Vandy Vape’s contender in this Top 10 Best Vape Rebuildables is the Kylin Mini V2 RTA. Featuring a whopping 5mL capacity, this diminutive RTA offers superior flavor thanks to the 270° of airflow coverage around the single installed coil. With a postless build deck and side securing Phillips Screws, this RTA is great for beginners or advanced users that want a hassle-free building experience. This combination seems simple but is a godsend, making more time for vaping and less time focused on refills or time consuming building. Check out the larger Kylin V2 RTA, if you were looking for greater eJuice capacity.

It’s not a typo, the Wotofo Profile has two spots on this list, this time as the RDTA variant. Holding up to 6.2mL of eJuice, the Profile RDTA excels in terms of capacity and utilizes the dual clamp system that uses mesh sheets and is compatible with traditional twisted coils. Utilizing 4 braided stainless steel wicks, the Profile RDTA allows viscous eJuice to climb up the grooves within the braided wires via capillary action to keep the wicking cotton moist to prevent dry hits. A cool feature of this RDTA is that it is convertible and can be changed to function like an RDA.

The Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme V3 RDTA is a complex rebuildable atomizer with plenty of features. Holding up to 7mL of eJuice, the Supreme V3 is offered in a single coil layout, but is equipped with many modular aspects like a reversible airflow ring that changes the airflow intake. In addition, the Supreme V3 RDTA can be converted to function like an RDA, and even has interchangeable decks with other Steam Crave atomizers. Sporting a juice flow control, the Supreme V3 RDTA can deliver superior performance in a variety of combinations that help set it apart from the myriad of rebuildable vape atomizers.

We hope this list of rebuildables can point any new builders in the direction of the best vape rebuildables the vaping industry has to offer. Advanced builders may have some of these rebuildables in their repertoire, but if they’re looking for something new, we hope this can help them find what they are looking for. With traditional rebuildables and newer mesh variants, we know there is something for everyone within this list. Feel free to contact our excellent customer service team for any information or questions you may have about these products. Check out our site and blog for all things vape-related. Furthermore, please comment below what rebuildable atomizer you think should be included in this list and the reasons why as we are interested in seeing what the community looks for in a quality rebuildable atomizer.

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